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This is a must-hear podcast.

Music fans, Musicians, and anyone who likes good stories— this is your podcast. It is simply good easy listening conversation, with a lot of nostalgia and memories thrown in. Good job Chris. The guests are excited to share their stories, and you also get the bonus of hearing music at the beginning and end of the cast. Good stuff!

So great!

So glad this podcast exists. I look forward to any future episodes.

Tune in! You won’t regret it 😎

Great podcast! The episode with Scott from Zao is what caught my ear and since then I’ve been hooked!! Just down to earth talks about music and the artist. Highly recommended!! ✌️✌️


Not my favorite kind of music, but Chris brings out the human story with his guests that makes it universal, interesting and enjoyable. Anytime you get to hear musicians tell stories, it’s awesome. Lots of respect.


If you don’t listen to this podcast then you’re not cool

Great interviews and great new music

I’ve been listening to Chris’ podcast since the episode with Rick Thorne because I’m a huge BMX fan and I was instantly hooked. His knowledge and love of music (particularly punk) is abundant and makes for super great interviews every time as the guests are always very comfortable and offer such interesting stories. I’m always so bummed when it’s over! I’ve also discovered some great new bands because of this podcast. Keep up the good work and keep rocking Chris!

Top notch

Let’s get back to where it all started for each listener. This is a great vessel of the past that rewards its listeners with never dull cast of Chris and company.

Love this!

My favorite podcast! Chris is a great host!

Great Guests and Stories!

I highly recommend this podcast! The stories are incredible. Each episode has my attention throughout and I always go listen to the guests music or work after the episode. It’s a great way to be exposed to different artists.

Feels like you’re hanging out with them!

If you want to feel like you’re hanging out, having a good time and getting to know the guests- this is the podcast for you! Plus added insights and behind the scenes of the music industry. Chris does an excellent job guiding the conversation as if you’re hanging out with old friends while digging in and getting to know them more!

Love this podcast

About time we get a great music podcast. Love the one with Sam King From Get Dead!! Keep up the good work y’all 👊👊

Love this!

My favorite podcast ever! Thanks Chris!

Great podcast

I love this podcast. If you love music, this is for you. The candid conversations Chris has with his guests make you feel like you’re in the room with them. Super recommended.

Excellent music interview podcast

The best part about this podcast is that Chris LISTENS to his guests. It’s not just question after question; it’s a conversation. Chris knows the people and the business of music, so his topics are insightful, unique and interesting. And because he offers discussion, his guests are comfortable and open with him. This is a must-listen if you enjoy hearing the inner workings of the music industry and the best rock bands in the biz.

Love the show!

Chris has the best guests! Love hearing about all the crazy stuff that happens on the road!

Great Punk Rock Podcast

Just found out about this podcast less than a week ago and I’ve already listened to almost every one of them. I thought I already knew a decent amount about the bands represented in this podcast but Chris is able to go much deeper into their history and it’s awesome to hear all the connections these musicians have with other bands.

One of the best

If you like anything to do with music and being on tour or just punk bands in general This podcast is for you. faithful listener since episode number eight.If you have a band or a business it’s one of the best ways to advertise.

One of two podcasts I listen to!

I'm late to the podcast game, and I would actually say that I don't really listen to podcasts at all. Why? Because I'd rather be rocking out to some good music than sit and listen to someone talk for hours. But Chris is doing something differnet with That One Time On Tour. He gets guests from some great bands and fanboys out about all their touring and backstory. It's a way more in-depth interview of these artists than you'll ever see from a fan-zine style website. I'm going back and listening to the episodes where I don't even know the artist or the band and I'm still enjoying it. Thanks, Chris, keep it up!!!


TOTOT is a great pod cast that takes you on a journey with some amazing musicians in the punk rock scene from their times on tour. Chris does an great job with the guests and it always keeps you want to come back wanting more! Highly recommend it to anybody who loves in-depth looks and story’s of the road!

new listener

just came across this podcast last week, just listened to the Eddie Reyes episode tonight,good stuff!

A music podcast by a musician

Great podcast with entertaining & insightful interviews with lots of influential musicians.

Great podcast with entertaining & insightful interviews with lots of influential musicians.

Entertaining and Insightful

Love the format of this podcast! Chris’s awesome connections lead him to some killer conversations with awesome people in the music scene, and I love hearing about new music and getting to know some of the behind the scenes from some of my favorite artists. Keep it up Chris! #totot

Love this show!

So much fun! If you live music, this behind the scenes account is so great!

My new favorite obsession!

This is such a fun podcast! Can’t wait for the next episode! Keep up the good work!

This is really cool

I know Chris and he’s a good guy, and I enjoy the podcast!!!

Best ever!

Love this podcast. The tour stories are awesome! Listener for life...


Really good podcast!


Love this podcast! Definitely a favorite listen.

Love this!

Love love love!!!