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Can’t stop listening!

We are currently listening to this podcast while on tour! Great stuff! Very transparent!

Red River Podcast Sam

As a failed musician I love listening to that one time on tour podcast because I never got a chance to tour extensively. Chris is a great host that really seems passionate about music and the topics he talks about. One of my newest favorite podcasts. Easy listening for sure

Awesome show

Reminds me of a ride I took with a number of session musicians years ago. Facinating.

Thanks so much for all the support!

Hey, this is Chris. I love doing this podcast, and it means the world to me that so many of you take time out of your busy lives to check it out. I will continue to attempt to put out great content...and hope that you will continue to listen. Thank you so much for the support!

Great listen and awesome guests!

This is a great listen. Dig in and enjoy

Excellent podcast

Chris is such a good guy and the perfect one to host a podcast. Definitely worth your time.


Really awesome getting to hear all of these great stories. Keep me coming!!

Inside Look

So cool to get an inside look at what goes on, on the road!

Love it

Chris is a great dude and I find myself looking forward to every upload

This is so dope!

I love hearing these stories from the people that lived it! Chris is a rad dude 4sure!

Love it!

Incredible podcast with amazing stories and insight into the music biz. My new favorite! 🙏🙌✊

This is awesome!

Best podcast hands down for music lovers!

Best podcast ever!

Really cool stuff...addicted to TOTOT!

New fave

Loving this podcast! From the guests to the band sponsors that I’ve been discovering new music through. Hope chris is here to stay!

Great show!

They conspiracy theories really get you thinking!!!!

New fav show!

The guests and the stories are great! One of my favorite bands is the Ataris. Love this show. Hope this podcast keeps growing!

Great podcast!

One of my new favorite podcasts! Chris is a great host! I love his old bands. Stoked to hear more.

So good!

I love hearing the stories! Chris is such am awesome dude. Fan for life! This podcast is my favorite.

Chris is awesome!

This show rocks! Love it! Great guests.

Full support

Hope this podcast is successful and grows! Thanks for all the time you put in!

Awesome Podcast!🤘

I’ve listened to all the episodes, they’re really fun and entertaining. Keep up the good work!

This is cool!

Chris is my guitar teacher and I live this podcast! He is awesome!


This is great! Not only is it entertaining, Chris is genuinely an incredible person!! Thank you for taking the time out of your life to share. I know that’s no easy feat with two little ones! Thanks to Chris’s wife for sharing Chris’s time with us!

Great podcast

This is such a fun podcast to listen to! Its awesome hearing these memories of tour and a couple band dudes catching up! I appreciate the art! Keep it up man!

Awesome pod!

Great content. Great guests. Original material.

Love this!

Chris is the man! Listener for life!


Awesome podcast! Love the stories!


I’ve always loved hearing Chris’ stories of the bands he’s played in and touring the country. This is a wonderful way to delve into the world of touring with a band.


I honestly think this is great, being a bass player myself! Joel and Chris are both awesome! Can’t wait for more!


This podcast is definitely the best ive heard in a long time, and the fact that the interviewer is the ex guitarist of the ataris makes it that much better being a fan of the ataris myself.