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This is an awesome podcast

Love listening to this podcast!

I love this podcast!

Chris is a great Host and has the best guests! Best pod ever! Never miss an episode!

Awesome Podcast

A friend of mine recently informed me that I can now rate and review podcasts directly from my phone. So now, while sitting in a work meeting, I can finally do what I’ve been meaning to do for a while. This is a great podcast and Chris is able to interview in such a natural way that it remains interesting and unforced and the episodes are entertaining and informative even if I started off not knowing much or anything about the interviewee. There is such an array of artists involved that anybody should be able to find a good episode to start with. I suggest beginning with Chris Conley. That’s how I found this show. I highly recommend this podcast.

Fantastic stories from the road!

Anyone who’s spent time on the road playing gigs and touring in a band, this podcast is for you. Great interviews and guests!

Great find!

Just found this podcast and it’s literally what I’ve been looking for for years! Keep it coming! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

I reeeeeally enjoy this podcast.

It’s well produced, great guests, great conversations, great host. I used to skip ahead but I really enjoy hearing the smaller bands songs at the beginning, and I really like that the host posted a song he was working on and wanted feed back. Thought that was really cool of him to put his music out there like that, and I hope he does it again. The only critique I have is the same I have of all podcasts: the housekeeping / Patreon promotion portion could be quicker. Overall this is an excellent podcast.

A punk fans must.

Great podcast with awesome guests. One of the best parts is that Chris knows how to mix, so it is great audio quality as well! Love it! Must subscribe!

A must for punk fans!

So many great guests, questions right on point! Get John K Samson, Bryan Kienlan

Awesome podcast!!

Great podcast with a great host who pulls some awesome guests.

Erik Funk Interview

I liked your song at the end of episode 84.

Best punk podcast ever!!

What a rad podcast!! I discovered this podcast about 2 weeks ago & have been binging ever since!! Chris is a great host & his guest selection is awesome. If you are fan of punk, metal, hardcore, emo, metalcore etc you will enjoy it. Highly recommend!! If you’re bored at work or just sitting on the couch bored, close Pornhub and give it a listen!!

Very entertaining

Great podcast. Love listening to cool stories from my favorite artists. Gets me through a day at work!


Interesting conversation with cool people. Plus I appreciate Chis giving exposure to some underground bands. Nice job Chris 🤘

Great Conversation/Perspective

Thoroughly enjoy Chris's point of view as an interviewer being a former touring musician, sheds light to all the hard work put into the music scene that some perceive as "the lime light" of being on an active/touring band.

Great music podcast

Love this podcast! Cool interviews with cool artists. More like a fun conversation. Check this one out if you dig rock n roll.

Best podcast for punk , metal, pirate-core

Can’t get enough of this podcast... best interviews of guests from current legends of the independent diy music scene.... I’m a huge fan of the 80’s, 90’s punk and metal scene.... real conversations that get into the butt sweat and tears of interesting personalities people living their lives in the music industry...

Great podcast!!

I’m new to this podcast, and only a few episodes in, but I’m really enjoying it!

One of the best!

A lot of shows out there recycle the same guests or have guests that I’m not necessarily interested in. TOTOT has all the best guests and the host is very interesting. My favorite podcast.

Do yourself a favor

Just recently found this podcast, but can’t stop listening! Great peek behind the curtain with a lot of bands that I love.

If you are a music lover

Listened to an episode with Grant Emerson of Delta Rae. The conversation between two talented musicians is always interesting and insightful. Will be checking out some more episodes.

Fantastic Podcast

I totally enjoy listening to these podcasts. What a great way to chill!

So rad!

This podcast is awesome. Chris is a fantastic host and really makes you feel at ease and keeps things flowing effortlessly which is great for a guest like me who just blabbers on and on if you let me. 😁 support this podcast and this rad dude! Five stars, would cast again. -Trev Reilly A Wilhelm Scream


Love this podcast! I listen every week!

Great podcast

I'm a huge Coheed fan and the Travis Stevers episode was excellent. Ready for more.

Love it!

Best pod ever!

Thoroughly enjoyed

This podcast is down to earth real and all out good. Listened for the first time yesterday and I’ve downloaded multiple already and I think I might be getting addicted. Love the show!

Great Podcast

Hearing stories from the road directly from the mouths of some of my favorite musicians is awesome. Chris has great chemistry with the guests and makes you feel like you are part of the conversation. Great Podcast, can’t wait for more!

That one time on tour is one of the rare podcast that I look forward to listening to every week when it comes out. The host is charismatic. Chris really gets his guests to open up. One of hethe main things that I love about this podcast is he doesn't always have guests that are musicians some are managers , TV celebs, and really anyone who contributes to music in general. But by far the most amazing aspect of this podcast is he lets unsigned bands or signed bands be a part of the show by sponsoring an episode. Please keep cranking out episodes and and I'll keep listening every Wednesday and Tuesday. Thanks for all you do for music Kris Valkema/ Blackcat Manor. Freeport IL

Always a great interview!!!

If you grew up listening to Epitaph/Fat/Lookout style bands - this podcast is sure to please. Always stoked to hear the newest interview. Great job Chris - keep up the fantastic work.

TOTOT is the greatest!

Chris is a great interviewer and has had some great guests on. Really look forward to seeing where this podcast can go. Keep it up!