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Heavy metal hidden gem.

From legendary artists, to less known up and comers, Lurk runs the gammut, and gives everybody a fair shake to tell their stories. You'll learn more about your favorite hardcore / metal bands, you'll laugh, and you'll come away from this podcast with a smile on your face and feeling like you made some new friends. The vibe on this podcast is super chill, which lets the artists open up to tell their stories. You won't find any "So how did you get your name?" or "Why did you name your song that?" or anything like that - you'll get conversational style like you're chilling with the band themselves. Definitely worth checking out if you have heard of any of these bands, or even if you haven't. Highly recommended.

Been waiting

For something like this for the metal and hardcore community. Good thing I get to host it! Let’s rock sucker!


I enjoyed both podcasts so far. I fancy the idea of waking up and driving to work while listening to these guys. Suggestion... Get Tim Lamb on here and my life is complete 👍 good job guys