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My Favorite

My favorite podcast by far. Would rather listen to this than watch anything on TV/Netflix. Dewey has a natural gift for painting a clear picture of what artists are all about. Keep up the awesome work!


Love Peer Pleasure! I listen every week! Good job, Dewey!

My Favorite Podcast

I have a select few podcasts I'm a regular listener of, and this one is at the top of my list! Dewey has a way of bringing out some amazing stories from his guests without ever making it sound like a lame q&a.

Essential Listening

Peer Pleasure is easily my favorite podcast, music or otherwise. He manages to get amazing guests for every show and never covers the tired music “journalist” topics. Always original and enlightening things from great musicians... his conversational style and knowledge as a musician gives it a fly on the wall vibe. Couldn’t recommend this highly enough. Here’s to many more.

Love it!

Super rad podcast! Glad I found this one! :)

Love it.

One of my favorite podcasts. Love the tone of the conversations. Super genuine. Great behind scenes look at a lot of the bands the guests are in.

A gem for a niche crowd

I discovered Dewey Halpaus’ show The Peer Pleasure Podcast via the interview with Johnny Whitney, former vocalist of the Blood Brothers. Dewey is a great interviewer with great connections who isn’t afraid to ask the questions HE wants to ask, and knows how to balance doing his research on the guest vs letting the conversation flow with someone unknown. Most of the guests are musicians associated with the punk/metal/alt scenes from the 80’s-2010’s which is a great niche show for a crowd that may not even listen to podcasts yet. Occasionally the guests come from the worlds of comedy, porn and the music industry’s business side but no matter who it is, it’s always a great interview.

This guys is why I got into podcasts

I love this guy’s interviews, it’s just like you get to listen in on an interesting conversation. Not pretentious and just awesome!!

Peer pleasure makes me rock hard

This an excellent podcast, even most of my deaf friends enjoy it!

Great podcast

Always entertaining, keep It up


Phenomenal guests and great conversations.


I was lost in a sea of boredom... desperately gasping for air at every hint of interesting content, only to be left without raft time and time again... I would have drowned if it were not for the Peer Pleasure Podcast. the tripple P was a lighthouse in the dead of night... gently guiding me to the shores of entertainment. Thank you, PPP. Thank you.

Music life.

This show is a great way to escape everyday life with interesting guest and content. Cheers to the host with the most!

I Really Loved It!

I thought the latest episode was great. I now have some binge listening to do! Thanks.

Amazing show

I had a lot of fun doing this show being interviewed! Amazing selection of guests and captivating stories.

Great show

This has got to be the best podcast to come out in the last 5 years. Amazing guests, great conversation and it makes my commutes fly by in the blink of an eye. Keep it up!

Up up and away!

One of the best shows on iTunes! Listen now!!!

The Rev is on board

Love you Dewey!!!!!

Phuck Yeah

You made it this far.... now just hit Subscribe! Always a great listen.

Nicely done.

Always an insightful and enjoyable show. Keep up the good work.

Insightful and entertaining

This podcast is great! The host asks all the right questions. Perfect for my Monday morning commute.


Great bands with great conversations! Worth the listen!

Enjoyed this

Not always a fan of listening in to interviews and conversations, BUT this was nice!!!

Such a good listen

Dewey is a great host and does amazing interviews. Love his honesty and perspective. He's part of the Jabberjaw family, which I love!


Great bands and great conversations!


SImply amazing and fun conversation.