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Just Amazing

Dewey is a fantastic podcaster who has me coming back week after week. Thanks for your hard work and great conversations. Keep working on getting fantastic guests and look forward to one day seeing Freddie Vedder!

Fantastic Podcast

Dewey is an incredible interviewer and he gets all the best guests. Mad respect for his talent and this podcast!

Fun listen

Delightful listen with well thought questions and casual conversation.

L I S T E N .

Unique conversations of wide-ranging topics with all the names you ought to know. Thanks, Dewey ✌🏼


Great podcast. Dewey is a kind, thoughtful and knowledgeable interviewer.

New favorite Podcast

I love the premise of this podcast. Dewey is a great interviewer and has a really thoughtful guest list. Even though I know these amazing artist are just regular people too, he draws things out of them that make them feel like someone that I might know. I’m bummed that I’m late to discovering this podcast but I’m stoked to have so many episodes to binge and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

You had me tfot

Love this podcast great conversations with all sorts of musicians. Keep up the great work!

Good Stuff

Just found this podcast, great job, great guest!

Great stuff

Dewey is the man and this podcast is truly great. He has the best guests. Dave freaking Mello!

Did the Dew

Friendly man, sexy voice and some interesting conversations.

Do the Dew

Dewey always has great conversations

My favorite podcast!

Every episode gets better and better. Dewey has such a natural way of “interviewing” (more like a conversation) with these amazing artists. Please check out this podcast!

Fantastic Pleasure To Listen To

I absolutely love this podcast. Dewey is an excellent interviewer. He and his guests create some truly awesome conversations that are a total joy and pleasure to listen in on. The Peer Pleasure Podcast showcases a wide variety of interesting guests. It’s been so fun catching up with my favorite bands from “back in the day” and learning what they’re up to present day and their incredible journeys along the way. I’m so thrilled to have learned about this podcast now (better late than never). I still have plenty to catch up on. I’ve listened to about 30 episodes or so, so far, and this podcast is easily topping my list of favorite shows. I very highly recommend! Total 5 star production all around! Love the content. Great work, Dewey!

Worth binging

Dewey is a rad interviewer. Doesn’t cut guests off from great stories. Asks interesting questions that lead into phenomenal stories told by the guests. If you love music, or entertainment this podcast is a great stop. Block out a large chunk of time or live with headphones in like I do... cause you’re about to go down the rabbit hole. Dewey doesn’t miss.

Fun & calming

I love that this isn’t the typical “let’s hock the new album” style podcast . The conversations often naturally flow into unexpected directions. I find myself even enjoying the episodes that feature guests that I wouldn’t go out of my way to check out . I usually listen to podcasts while commuting to & from work, and these conversations are the perfect medicine to suppress my anger and anxiety while battling the insanity that is Boston driving .

Great Podcast. A+

I found this podcast in fall 2020 and I’m so grateful I did. As a male, as a parent and as a therapist, this podcast really impacts me in ways I did not expect. I thought I would be listening to another music podcast, but instead I find deep exploration of feeling and connection on such a deeper level. Sometimes it focuses on music, sometimes on mental health and sometimes goes other places you don’t expect. This podcast has quickly made its way to the top of my favorites list.

Great podcast.

Great thoughtful questions with very interesting guests. Only wish it was longer. Keep them coming please 🙏🏽

Awesome Show

This isn’t a typical music podcast where it comes off as a prepackaged interview with all the standard questions. Dewey knows how to have a legit conversation and make his guests feel comfortable and just talk like regular people. It’s super refreshing to hear someone interview legends like Chino Moreno and not try too hard to sound cool. A lot of music podcasts are slowed down by hosts that are too cool to be a fan. This is not that. Keep the awesome content coming, Dewey. Your show is awesome.


New listener because of Jason Ellis. I really enjoyed his interview and have listened to several more. Subscribed and loving it.

Jason Ellis intreview

Loved the interview with Jason Ellis!!

Ellis mate

Missed you guys!


I just started this podcast today and already love it!


Great show. Been listening for a while. Just caught the Keith Buckley episode and loved every second. Appreciate your openness with your family’s birth struggles as well as with your son. Having 3 autistic kids myself it was great to relate and find I’m not the only one that has to go through these challenges with my kids. Thank you.

Music fan’s podcast

This podcast ROCKS! I initially listened to it when it first started and I saw that there was an episode with Thomas Erak. As time went on Dewey has released numerous episodes with some of my favorite musicians and episodes with musicians I previously only vaguely new of, many of which were amazing conversations which introduced me to some of the coolest music I hadn’t previously listened to. I’ve also found out about some awesome movies, books etc from these cool conversations. If you love music and especially love finding out more about your favorite musicians - this podcast is for you.

Pure excellence

Just listened to the John Gourley interview and wow. Dewey, the beautiful opening tribute to your dad was really moving and the interview was really refreshing and moving as well. Pure gold, nice work.

This is so (insert bad word here) good

Rather than a review I’m just going to say thanks for doing such an awesome podcast. Love hearing people talk more about their lives rather than the same old same old. So keep it up. Can’t wait to hear more. By the way people, listen to this show. You’ll love it.

High Quality

One of the best interviews I have ever heard was this podcast. Really professional.

Excellent conversations!

Absolutely live the flow of conversations and how Dewey really makes an intimate connection of the guest and their work. His conversations are with artists that I grew up with and he really gets them to talk about their life’s works in such a flowing way. Great work and keep it up!

Great conversations

Dewey is the man. Personable and curious, which are such important qualities in an interviewer.

Peer Pleasure is Fantastic

It’s as if Dewey himself took my record collection and just interviewed everyone in it. Seriously good stuff.

Peer Pleasure gets interviews others don’t

This is an awesome music podcast with great interviews that flow like natural conversations . Dewey gets interviews with musicians that you don’t get to hear anywhere else. Love it .

Favorite Music Podcast (Interview Format)

I believe I stumbled on this wonderful podcast as I was dorking out attempting to find old interviews for Daryl Palumbo....Dewey had me covered luckily. Fortunately for me, as I listened to a ton of Peer Pleasure’s back catalogue of shows I found myself getting lost in the stories of other new and seasoned artists I admire. Your host, Dewey, never seems to force these interviews as they very much have the feel of just one on one conversations that often you feel are just eavesdropping in on. No scripts...just stream of conscienceness and spontaneity. I’m always looking forward to new episodes now. FFO: Post-Hardcore, Hardcore, Punk, Indie-Rock, Metal, & Pop-Culture)

Def in my Top 5!

Dewey is a wonderful host who speeks with artists in an honest and conversational way. This isn't you're regular old interview, Dewey is hanging and chatting and getting down with these performers on their level. I have been an avid listener for about 3 years now and this pod has given me countless hours of entertainment and knowledge! Kudos, Dewey! Thanks!

Love it

I really enjoy the format of this podcast, because it feels less like the typical interview format of Q&A, and more like a natural conversation. Hope the podcast continues to grow. It's a nice treat to have during my monotonous days in a cubicle. Keep it up Dewey!

Authentic and Enjoyable

This podcast is a gem. Thoughtful, genuine, and interesting conversations. I found it because Matt Embree and Fat Mike are two of my favorite musicians and got hooked. Bravo!

Love it!!!

I listen to a lot of podcast and there is something honest and refreshing about this one. Great job!


Hope this pod grows like a mighty fern. Keep it up. Plumbing schmuming . This would be a great full time focus if the money was there. Ads ads ads

My favorite podcast - hands down

Dewey gets the best guests, and his conversations feel very real. Always learn something new about the musicians I thought I already knew a lot about. Stand outs include the Ken Vasoli, Vinnie Caruana, Daryl Palumbo, Anthony Green, and Colin Frangicetto episodes


The Yvette interview was lovely. Thank you for bringing awareness to anorexia. It’s such a misunderstood disorder that is ruining so many lives in secrecy.

Favorite episode

Best episode is definitely the Mike Mowery episode. It’s nice to know that there are people out there who genuinely value the people Who create, and not the money they generate.

Lean-in conversations with amazing people

I can not say enough about Peer Pleasure podcast. When you listen to any of Dewie's interviews it's just like listening in on a private conversation between best friends (I mean the really good ones that you lean into). I get so much value from each interview. Check it out!! You will not be disappointed.

Top 5 Podcast!

I absolutely love this Podcast. The insights to old tours and band relationships and how the industry has changed is amazing.

Good listen!

I heard Dewey on the Stateside Podcast and came to check this out I’m glad I did. He’s got some great guest and an entertaining podcast!

Ear Candy

Great podcast to listen to on the way to work! I enjoy thoroughly.

A True Pleasure

Dewey knows what it’s like to be in a hard-working band that lives on the road. His personal insights and experience bring depth and credibility to his interviews. Unlike artist interviews with music journalists that often make artists nervous and guarded, these conversations feel much more natural because they really are peer-to-peer. Keep up the great work.


Love the podcast! Love listening to all these artists talk about themselves and their lives in depth. This podcast goes deeper than some i’ve listened to. Absolutely love it Dewey❤️❤️

Peer pleasure

Def listen to this podcast. If you like punk/indie music dewey gets greats guests!

My Favorite

My favorite podcast by far. Would rather listen to this than watch anything on TV/Netflix. Dewey has a natural gift for painting a clear picture of what artists are all about. Keep up the awesome work!


Love Peer Pleasure! I listen every week! Good job, Dewey!

My Favorite Podcast

I have a select few podcasts I'm a regular listener of, and this one is at the top of my list! Dewey has a way of bringing out some amazing stories from his guests without ever making it sound like a lame q&a.

Essential Listening

Peer Pleasure is easily my favorite podcast, music or otherwise. He manages to get amazing guests for every show and never covers the tired music “journalist” topics. Always original and enlightening things from great musicians... his conversational style and knowledge as a musician gives it a fly on the wall vibe. Couldn’t recommend this highly enough. Here’s to many more.

Love it!

Super rad podcast! Glad I found this one! :)

Love it.

One of my favorite podcasts. Love the tone of the conversations. Super genuine. Great behind scenes look at a lot of the bands the guests are in.

A gem for a niche crowd

I discovered Dewey Halpaus’ show The Peer Pleasure Podcast via the interview with Johnny Whitney, former vocalist of the Blood Brothers. Dewey is a great interviewer with great connections who isn’t afraid to ask the questions HE wants to ask, and knows how to balance doing his research on the guest vs letting the conversation flow with someone unknown. Most of the guests are musicians associated with the punk/metal/alt scenes from the 80’s-2010’s which is a great niche show for a crowd that may not even listen to podcasts yet. Occasionally the guests come from the worlds of comedy, porn and the music industry’s business side but no matter who it is, it’s always a great interview.

This guys is why I got into podcasts

I love this guy’s interviews, it’s just like you get to listen in on an interesting conversation. Not pretentious and just awesome!!

Peer pleasure makes me rock hard

This an excellent podcast, even most of my deaf friends enjoy it!

Great podcast

Always entertaining, keep It up


Phenomenal guests and great conversations.


I was lost in a sea of boredom... desperately gasping for air at every hint of interesting content, only to be left without raft time and time again... I would have drowned if it were not for the Peer Pleasure Podcast. the tripple P was a lighthouse in the dead of night... gently guiding me to the shores of entertainment. Thank you, PPP. Thank you.

Music life.

This show is a great way to escape everyday life with interesting guest and content. Cheers to the host with the most!

I Really Loved It!

I thought the latest episode was great. I now have some binge listening to do! Thanks.

Amazing show

I had a lot of fun doing this show being interviewed! Amazing selection of guests and captivating stories.

Great show

This has got to be the best podcast to come out in the last 5 years. Amazing guests, great conversation and it makes my commutes fly by in the blink of an eye. Keep it up!

Up up and away!

One of the best shows on iTunes! Listen now!!!

The Rev is on board

Love you Dewey!!!!!

Phuck Yeah

You made it this far.... now just hit Subscribe! Always a great listen.

Nicely done.

Always an insightful and enjoyable show. Keep up the good work.

Insightful and entertaining

This podcast is great! The host asks all the right questions. Perfect for my Monday morning commute.


Great bands with great conversations! Worth the listen!

Enjoyed this

Not always a fan of listening in to interviews and conversations, BUT this was nice!!!

Such a good listen

Dewey is a great host and does amazing interviews. Love his honesty and perspective. He's part of the Jabberjaw family, which I love!


Great bands and great conversations!


SImply amazing and fun conversation.