A2G Overtime 07 - Chunky Habanero Salsa HOT Takes

April 17, 2020

When we opened the door to anonymous questions, these are the bad apples who strutted in wearing leather jackets.

A2G116 - Medium Tostitos Salsa Takes

April 14, 2020

John Joseph Covid reporting, Karate Kid, looking like a thumb, starting a hardcore band late in life, rerecorded classics, diss tracks, Every Time I Die, Reagan Youth, blind spots, a world without Bad Religion, Bridge 9, and…

A2G115 - Let's All Get On The Same Page

April 7, 2020

Lots of hardcore and hardcore adjacentry in this hardcore podcast. Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Breakdown, 108, VOD, Rollins Band, Leatherface, In My Eyes, Kiss It Goodbye, Dischord catalog, Rev catalog, Victory catalog, and on…

A2G114 - Worst Possible Tomline

March 31, 2020

Crossover episode with Worst Possible Timeline. Hardcore is supposed to be NOT discussed, but somehow works its way into conversations about Joe Girardi's traps, Joe Biden's brain failure, American exceptionalism, Tiger King…

A2G Overtime 06 - Black Flag Rank'm

March 30, 2020

Frequent collaborator Dave joins Bob to debate the most pressing issue of 2020: Where each Black Flag release ranks in the band's discography.

A2G Overtime 05 - Drive & Grind

March 27, 2020

This Is Albany, Not Bakersfield. Bob is joined by Overnight Drive's secret coremen Hans and Andrew for a trip into the dark heart of memory lane. Scene clashes, the alienated hardcore kid, 25 Ta Life, Earth Crisis fandom, Lo…

A2G Overtime 04 - Caseys Go Nineties

March 26, 2020

Ever spend a night in Poughkeepsie talking about your ten favorite hardcore records of the 90s? Now is you chance. Nicole and Alex Casey join the crew to talk all things hardcore from the era of MTV Unplugged. Is Only Living…

A2G113 - Everything Is Closed, Listen To Hardcore

March 24, 2020

Wire. Blacklisted. Best Boston bands. Smart bands vs 'Smart bands'. Marshal's Home Goods and TJ MAX. After Forever by Black Sabbath. After Forever as covered by Shelter. Disneyland. Melodic HC. Facebook Living your death. Or…

A2G Overtime 03 - Comfort Oreos

March 23, 2020

Ray & Porcell. Where's Your Head At? The dreadlocked whites of Koh Rong. Is doing a GoFundMe cool, lame, or a cause for complete indifference? Prison lockdown. Game Of Thrones cool, lame, or cause for complete indifference? …

A2G Overtime 02 - Rankin' Round Jah Throne

March 20, 2020

Bad Brains discussed in the type of detail a global pandemic allows for. Longtime friend of the podcast and frequent contributor Andy comes through to drop knowledge.

A2G Overtime 01 - Quarantined Musings

March 18, 2020

Putting in some overtime for all the people who are having to deal with this or that. We tackle the hard topics like how good was that Code Orange stream and can we expect biters? The difficulty of canceling events even unde…

A2G112 - Dangerous Shirts

March 17, 2020

Some new music talk. Some nontroversy talk about the shirt that scandalized Gilman. Some Damage City talk. Some Escape From Phnom Penh talk. Some size matters or it doesn't talk. It's early 2020 and the world is actin' up. L…

A2G111 - Sometimes Friends Fight

March 10, 2020

The Indecision episode! Rachel and Justin of Indecision/Most Precious Blood join their lifelong bandmate Tom to remember and misremember the past 25 years. Why do bands make the decisions they do? Does anything you did as a …

A2G110 - Big Fest Energy

March 3, 2020

It's that time of year again. Festivals aren't just for ravers and Europeans. Wild Rose! BnB! United Blood! Furnace! Much More! Here's a deep(ish) dive on what's on offer this spring/summer. Young! Old! It's all good! Also, …

A2G109 - Poste Apokylips

Feb. 25, 2020

Are the hosts of this podcast clinically depressed? Who are they talking to on AIM? Who is doing the dishes in this partnership? How would they say goodbye to a loved one when they're going to be consumed by marauders? What'…

A2G108 - Blood Sweat and Some Tiers

Feb. 18, 2020

NYHC bands ranked! Pre-1990 roster of kings! KILLING TIME; SICK OF IT ALL; BURN; LEEWAY; SHEER TERROR; BREAKDOWN; WARZONE; MURPHY'S LAW; SUPERTOUCH; to just name a few! The gang's all here and we R E S P E C T F U L L Y subm…

A2G107 - Year 2000 Listening Party, God Help Us

Feb. 11, 2020

It's the most mixed of bags, as we expand on our year 2000 exploration. We lend our ear to classics and... not classics, learning a lot about our tolerance for operatic vocals, word salad, and squigel-squigel-dees. It was a …

A2G106 - Y2K Bug Armageddon Revisited

Feb. 4, 2020

Year In HC: 2000! Back in the day, before the Patriot Act, before stringent TSA screenings, there was a collision of traditional hardcore and metalcore. There was bizarre, best-forgotten, genre tangents like bandana thrashco…

A2G105 - A Plea For Mosh

Jan. 28, 2020

New England. A frigid hellscape in which nothing grows. A white aeon-dead world. Welcome. This is a very specific sorta Listening Party. A comp album straight through. This time, it's Every Winter Is Cold featuring PUMMEL, R…

A2G104 - The Things We Don't Carry

Jan. 21, 2020

NY visitor's guide; west coast 00s HC; 3rd-rate-and-not-that-great of the 90s; corndogs; premeditated murder; highlight reel; HC videos; Cursed; AF v NA; french fries; more! And Live On A2G: REGIONAL JUSTICE CENTER!

A2G103 - Test Results Are In. Call Your Physician.

Jan. 14, 2020

The results of the A2G Hardcore Census are in and they are equal parts intuitive and mind-blowing. How many of you are attending shows? How many are spending your college tuition on hardcore? Are zines a dead medium or are t…

A2G102 - True Fanatics

Jan. 7, 2020


A2G101 - Split 7" Personality

Dec. 31, 2019

Bring in 2020 with a conference call full of split releases, Hatebreed vs moshcore, the surprising possibly alarming return of Furnace Fest, undercover nice people, is Youth Of Today a better band without Ray, and nostalgia …

A2G100 - Break Out the Party Hats, It's Episode 100

Dec. 23, 2019

2019 has been fun. Some really good music. Everyone should be bullish on hardcore right now. Celebrate good times. But... what came out this year that has lasting value? What'll get spins in five years? Ten years? What'll be…