A2G232 - Lil Recap

June 28, 2022

A little breather to reflect on 80s Mosh Madness up to this point. Have we learned anything? Also, how to use the bathroom.

A2G231 - Game Of Death

June 21, 2022

Eric drops in to play a little THIS OR THAT, a simple game with deadly consequences. Sheer Terror or Merauder, which makes you mosh the drywall? Have Heart or Bane, which makes you donate your time to a local charity? Indie …

A2G230 - Questioned

June 14, 2022

Questions from all angles. Is it worth doing a band as an old person? How do you tell a story people may care about? Is corniness inevitable? Is promotion annoying? What constitutes a DM slide? How do you approach an old hea…

A2G229 - 80s MOSH MADNESS: ROUND SIX (Disc Golf Sponsorship Edition)

June 7, 2022

Patrick prattles about disc golf until the hook takes him off-stage and then we dive into BL'AST “Its In My Blood” vs FU’s “My America” and VERBAL ABUSE “Just an American Band” vs MDC “Millions of Dead Cops”. It's a ripper. …

A2G228 - Inflatable Tigers

May 31, 2022

Production; taking the bait; Tears For Fears; being too heavy; End It hosts the Playa Haters' Ball; running a record store in Portugal under a fake name.

A2G227 - 80s MOSH MADNESS: ROUND FIVE (Full Scrote Edition)

May 24, 2022

The bracket is fierce: CRUMBSUCKERS; D.R.I.; VISION; WARZONE. Also, naked moshing, senility, and being wrong for multiple decades. a2gpitreport@gmail.com

A2G226 - How Many Gecs?

May 17, 2022

Bands supporting bands, or at least not hatin. The case for Limp Bizkit. The celeb cosign in 2022. Being a celeb in your own head. Are we witnessing the Turnstile effect already?

A2G225 - 80s Mosh Madness: ROUND FOUR (Smoking Dust Edition)

May 10, 2022

News of the world, and then straight into a 80s Mosh Madness bracket for the ages: Adolescents; Neurosis; Youth of Today; YDI. Something for everyone here. Truly delish! a2gpitreport@gmail.com

A2G224 - Wrestlemania Of Hardcore

May 3, 2022

Festival season approaches! Compulsive gambling. Outburst. Staged live photos. Bookbag vs backpack sectarianism. Also, you're balding. It's all here, folks. a2gpitreport@gmail.com

A2G223 - New National Anthem

April 26, 2022

How sharp is your hardcore brain? Could you compete in the terrordome of intellectual athletics that A2G designed? Is Tom cheating at these games of honor again? Change.org for Blues Traveler. Australian grocers. And a2gpitr…

A2G222 - Audience As Voyeurs

April 19, 2022

Travel; on-stage meltdowns; human moments; Rollins Band; do you gotta be great to be vulnerable; more! a2gpitreport@gmail.com

A2G221 - Do The Evolution

April 12, 2022

Is hardcore changing? Obviously. But are these shifts temporary or is this a new direction for the genre? We won't know for sure for a decade, but we're here to speculate today! Also, getting vulnerable on main. a2gpitreport…

A2G220 - Back 2 Basics 2 (The Legend Of Wilson's Gold)

April 5, 2022

Dan Weinraub Recovery fund: https://www.gofundme.com/f/dan-weinraub-recovery-fund

A2G219 - Great HC Expectations

March 29, 2022

What to expect (or not) as a HC band. How niche is niche? Do you deserve a microphone that doesn't give you tetanus? Is sweat equity real or is it all a roulette wheel? Zing a dong bone, let's go. a2gpitreport@gmail.com

A2G218 - Human Resources

March 22, 2022

We get a visit from HC HR. Time for our yearly training. Also, Super Mario 44. Pit reports agogo. Davey Havok TMZ. Dubstep. And are you jealous of Turnstile? a2gpitreport@gmail.com

A2G217 - Back 2 Basics

March 15, 2022

How would you explain some very basic hardcore ideas to someone who just doesn't know yet? Could you do it without sounding insane? Also, a debut from the newly remastered FASTBREAK release, a Touche Amore ticket giveaway, a…

A2G216 - 80s Mosh Madness: ROUND THREE (Different Styles of Fun)

March 8, 2022

80s Mosh Madness rolls on! INFEST vs INSTED; DESCENDENTS vs TOKEN ENTRY. Some big hitters and some dark horses. Also, train people, dope hair, and is Sepultura cool?

A2G215 - State Of HC Address 2022

March 1, 2022

Middle-parts are back on the heads of young people, everyone dresses like they're going to a Shelter show in 1996, and the rising tide of Turnstile is raising all our ships. 2022 is wild. The good, the bad, and the perplexin…

2G214 - (Hardcore) State Game

Feb. 22, 2022

How well do you know your hardcore geography? Ok then, what's the best HC band from Wisconsin? Quick! Clock is running! *NUHH* Also, Barry Bond's head. Send us a pit report a2gpitreport@gmail.com

A2G213 - 80s Mosh Madness: ROUND TWO (The Template)

Feb. 15, 2022

The lads are back on the Jersey Shore. It's 80s Mosh Madness and we've got SICK OF IT ALL, DYS, UNDERDOG, and THE FAITH. Who's solid... and who has TRACKS? All this and white reggae too! Send us a pit report a2gpitreport@gma…

A2G212 - 80s Mosh Madness: ROUND ONE (Peace Or Annihilation)

Feb. 8, 2022

BOLD; CRUCIFIX; RITES OF SPRING; NEGATIVE FX. Who survives to compete in the next round? Also, sports betting is dumb and Kevin Smith's hockey jersey. Send your show report to: a2gpitreport@gmail.com

A2G211 - Avoid the Cannabinoid

Feb. 1, 2022

Bands breaking up, United Blood, the winds of change, trains, digital streaming platform wars, ignorance, experts, and who killed reunions? Also, a new track from PEACE TEST!

A2G210 - Bubble Rap

Jan. 25, 2022

Kevin drops in to talk FYA, then we go in on Every Time I Die breakup, nostalgia fest confusion, and 80s Mosh Madness (The Bubble): Battalion of Saints, Carnivore, No For an Answer, TSOL.

A2G209 - The Madison Square Garden of VFW Halls

Jan. 18, 2022

Long Island fixture and friend of the podcast, Christian, joins us to talk the risks and rewards of being a promoter. Who shouldn't you step to? Was LI the new Seattle? And would that make Neglect the Mother Love Bone of Nas…