Jan. 23, 2023

With Our Powers Combined! w/ Scott from Stringjoy & Sean from Gunstreet

With Our Powers Combined! w/ Scott from Stringjoy & Sean from Gunstreet
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This episode is definitely something different! On this one you are getting something a little different.

Today Sean Arbow of Gunstreet and Scott Marquart of Stringjoy are on the podcast to announce that Stringjoy and Gunstreet are officially teaming up!

This is something that we've all been working on behind the scenes on this merger for a very long time, so it is very exciting to finally have this out in the world.

All three of us take you through our perspectives on how this story unfolded, how we plan on resurrecting some SUPER RAD & unique pickups, and a whole lot more.

Check out the new Gunstreet look at Gunstreet.co

And don't forget, we are giving a Gibson SG away and there are just a few days left to enter. Head over to Stringjoy.comto check that out.

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