I was feeling experimental yesterday. In anticipation of an upcoming longer form video, I decided to run all three of my SF300 fuzz pedals in a row to see what that sounded like!

I’m playing my ESP LTD M-1008 8 string and just bringing the FUZZ.

Full disclosure, I love fuzz pedals, but this might…

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Nov. 30, 2022

$14 Fuzz Pedal?

Sweetwater was selling these Behringer Super Fuzz pedals for $14 last week. So of course I had to order some to try!

I think they are normally just under $30 normally, so it was a blowout! 🤪

I have plans for a much more elaborate video when the weather clears up. That said… it is winter here in O…

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Podcast listener Jason sent me this 90s Ibanez AD99 to try out because he knows I’m an analog delay pedal fiend!

I’m not sure why I felt compelled to put out a video of it on bass first. Perhaps because both the pedal and the bass were made in Japan?

I have no idea.

But here is what the Ibanez A…

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Kurt Cobain’s Boss DS1 just sold at auction for $75,000!!!! What an insane timeline we are living in.

Let’s pretend you are Jeff Bezos and money doesn’t matter anymore. Would you buy this? I don’t know if I could mentally process that.

Let me know in the comments!

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Today we are taking a look at the Summer School Electronics Science Fair.

It’s a cleverly designed box that stuffs a classic Screamer style circuit and a classic Rodent style distortion into the same guitar pedal.

The blend control allows you to mix between the two flavors so you can craft your o…

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They say you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become a villain.

Which is the case here? I guess that depends on your perspective.

I’m using absolutely no real life guitar pedals, or guitar amplifiers in this clip. It is all done via my DAW (digital audio workstation). Or “in-…

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Nov. 2, 2022

Analog Delay Is Life

The @Mythos Pedals Oracle Analog Delay Pedal is a simple to use and fantastic sounding analog delay.

I was messing around last night and recorded some riffage, and I thought I’d share this semi-chaotic little bit with ya.

I suggest scooping one up when they are available, especially if you are an…

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On this glorious episode, Ryan Ratajski from Fuzzrocious Pedals returns to the podcast to nerd out with Blake about Thrice's Alchemy Index, talk about his new collaboration with the band Cave In, and just generally hag out for a fun chat.

Ryan has become a true friend of the show for several years…

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Today, I’m riffing on my Millimetric Instrument’s Baritone and bringing the sludge with THE GRUDGE.

The Grudge is a rad, fuzzy distortion made by DayDreamer Pedals and is designed to cover some classic 90s alternative tones.

It just so happens to love drop tuned electric guitar chuggery when set …

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Lots of people have theorized that the video game "Rock Band" may have kick started a whole generation of guitarists. @Ayla Tesler-Mabe proves that that might just be true.

We had a great conversation about bringing just what the song needs to the table, technical ability vs songwriting, asking ab…

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Finding the right gauge of guitar string can be a challenge when you venture out of standard tuning.

Fortunately, my folks @Stringjoy have provided an easy solution for selecting the perfect gauges for your guitar and preferred playing style when you drop tune your guitar.

Watch this short clip a…

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I had never backed the gain off of a Boss HM-2 pedal this far before. It doesn’t get insanely clean, but it does low gain MUCH better than I would have anticipated!

Some high gain distortion pedals are almost like “on and off switches” with their response. The Boss HM-2 is actually pretty smooth!…

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We get asked for all kinds of things over at the Stringjoy HQ, and we'd love to be able to flip a switch make all of that possible.

Since we have to carefully evaluate a huge variety of factors for each and every line we come out with... These things take time.

So, with that in mind, I am very ha…

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Most of us musicians have a giant pile of various types of cables all over the place.

Nothing is worse than your microphone cables getting wrapped around your instrument cable and turning what should be a quick setup into a hair pulling nightmare!

Fortunately, there is a simple solution! Check ou…

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Just because I’m not a particularly good metal/hardcore vocalist doesn’t mean I’m not going to give it the ole college try anyhow!

This is Death Whistle. It’s a collaboration between Electrofaustus and Fuzzrocious Pedals.

Death Whistle is a microphone/delay circuit that is designed to be played a…

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We all know that Leo Fender sold his company to CBS in 1965. And we’ve all heard about the problems that possibly came from that particular decision.

But we never really discuss how much money Fender received from his namesake company, Fender Guitars and what that might look like today.

Pretty wi…

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My Co-worker at Halton Caterpillar here in Portland gave me this in 2008 and this is the first time I ever plugged it in to my interface direct.

This little Marshall amplifier is a pretty surprising thing when you feed it big, chunky chords!

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The Benson Amps Chimera Plug-in suite by Mixwave totally changed how I thought about amp sims.

I’ve been playing with it for months now and it is by far the most inspiring plug-in that I have.

If you’ve ever been curious about the Benson sound, but hesitant to take that big of a leap… this is per…

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What’s a day without a bit of random riffage amirite?

I was just messing around with my Les Paul and some plug-ins and figured “Why not record it?”

So here ya go. Just me practicing some noodles.

Hope you enjoy!

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System Of A Down were one of the most massive influences on me. Their records changed everything I thought I understood about heavy music. Toxicity did not leave my Discman for over a year.

So the fact that I got to sit down with SOAD bassist/songwriter Shavo Odadjian for 30 minutes and immediatel…

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When I got back from Sweetwater's Gearfest I posted a short teaser video on Instagram of me making a bunch of racket through their massive wall of Marshall amplifiers that they had set up for the event.

That apparently was the ringing of the dinner bell for every internet "know-it-all" under the s…

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I think I found some magic here! The Origin Effects Halcyon pushing the 1981 DRV with the Universal Audio Golden in stereo is just doom/shoegaze madness in the best way.

Crank your speakers, or put on your headphones And let the seven strings of destruction fill your ear cavities with distorted gl…

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Or at least, I usually do! Origin Effects pulled off some fun tricks here that I really enjoyed!

They also taught me a few things that bug me about the OG version. I will be going over those in the full video that I’ll be publishing later.

If you’d like to pick one up, using this link will help t…

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I was randomly ill with some weird thing last week. The first sign I was on the mend was when I picked up my Grez Mendocino and felt well enough to noodle around.

Here I’m running into the Wampler Pedals Velvet Fuzz and the Benson Chimera Plugin (with a little Tall Bird Reverb thrown in for taste)…

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