Jan. 13, 2022

A Tour Of The Shred Shed

I have mentioned The Shred Shed on the podcast for years, and for years people have asked for a tour.

I have always declined because honestly, this studio is always in a state of flux. I am a messy, creative type person and my work has a tendency to get out of control and sprawl itself all over wh…

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On a recent episode of The Chasing Tone Podcast, I mentioned how I had been doing a lot of experimentation using the Izotope Iris 2 Software Synth plugin.

I purchased this plugin as a part of a bundle pack last year, but only just now discovered how rad it is!

I thought I would make a quick video…

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Red & Black is the first song I wrote that made it to the album “Tom, Do You Have Anything Sharp On You?” by American Cyclops. (thats me!)

I made this video a few months ago. It is the second visual look into Tom’s situation. I think that the vibe is perfect for the Halloween season!

I hope you e…

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Purple Skies is the fifth track off of the American Cyclops (my solo musical project) record “Tom, Do You Have Anything Sharp On You?”

“Tom” was created with a story in mind. Even though their are almost no words on the album, it is intended as a “soundtrack” of sorts to a non-existent film.


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I uploaded this video a few years back to IGTV and then promptly forgot about it! I thought it was definitely worth sharing with the YouTube community as well, so here ya go!

We focus a lot of attention on the outside aesthetics of our guitar pedals, but a lot of guitar pedal manufacturers put jus…

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My pals Fuzzrocious Pedals have another fire breathing little beast for you. The Lil Fella is a great sounding, great feeling, and very nicely built overdrive/distortion that is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.
I ran this bad boy at 18V and played my Grez Guitars Mendocino Baritone through it for a…

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Hey there! I made a song! I hope you like it. It’s pretty mellow, and laid back. I think the vibes are good. Which is always what we need, right?

Because this is a gear related channel.......

I used my Mule Resonator guitar plugged into a Bowman Audio Endeavors Klone, into a Mr. Black Bloodmoon, …

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Limited run guitar pedals. Like everything these days, they’ve become controversial.

So what is the deal? Are limited run pedals cool, lame, just fine, or pure evil?

Well, I give you my take on it for whatever that is worth.

TEXT ME at (503) 751-8577
Check out the podcast at

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Today we are exploring the Digitech/DOD Grunge Distortion Pedal when used with a baritone guitar! Lets see what this weird, dirt box can do!
The Grunge Pedal was originally released under the DOD brand and received a few different aesthetic treatments over the years, but it always remained its dirt…

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Sometimes late at night I plug in and just see where the sounds take me.

But I believe this is the first time that I properly recorded the guitar and gave it any kind of a mix.

I used the Adventure Audio Demogorgon set as shown, and ran into my Big Ear Pedals Albie set to Neil Mode 3 with the Ble…

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Oct. 31, 2020

What A Warble Machine!!!

Today I’m running through the 8 main modes that are inside the Big Ear Pedals Albie!!

Albie is an “Ambient Modulator” with simple, easy to use controls and an epic sound.

Big Ear Pedals are manufactured in one of my favorite places, Nashville TN by a small team that is obsessed with pedals. They …

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I’ve heard about this “trick” for years. Boiling your gross old guitar strings to clean them off, improve the sound and save some dough.

I’ve never tried it before, so I thought I’d take you all along for the ride.

What do you think? Does this old Telecaster sound better? I want to know your thou…

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Oct. 3, 2020

Welp. I totally failed

I tried to make 30 videos in 30 days and I didn’t even come close. Like barely over 50%. That’s what I call an F. A big ole FAIL in my book.

But I didn’t come out empty handed. I learned some stuff, felt some stuff and it helped plot a course for the future.

Let me know your thoughts in the comme…

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I had an epic chat with Aisha from Loe Sounds a few weeks back (stay tuned for that episode wherever you listen to podcasts!)

This little box of wonder showed up here today, and I decidedly cut a short video for it.

A simple, one knob fuzz loaded with texture. Feast your ears.

If you like the co…

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I took a poll on Instagram and the people wanted to hear this pedal!

The Peavey Dual Clock Stereo Chorus, isn’t the rarest of birds, but it’s isn’t the most common either. This pedal can usually be picked up fairly reasonably.

It’s a pretty fun little unit. I highly suggest picking one up. May I …

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Yeah I said it. This is their crown jewel. Their Mona Lisa. This is it. It’s the cat’s pajamas. It is my favorite pedal that Strymon makes.

The Deco is a Doubletracker. It brings that classic studio effect to your pedalboard and it does it in a really cool way.

Chorus, flanger, slapback, tape del…

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Sept. 21, 2020


This is my first crack at a straight ahead Vlog. I just wanted to put something out there about content creators and paid demos vs unpaid reviews.

Turns out there is a difference and the content creators that I know personally, are very honest about this.

I wanted folks who were unfamiliar with m…

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I did an unboxing the other day and was surprised to see this Squier Paranormal Cyclone inside! (I honestly didn’t know what was coming......)

So, I spent a few days with it and then made this video.

I show off some sound clips and offer my thoughts, for whatever those are worth.

Thanks for watc…

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Jack Deville from Mr. Black Pedals has been making some of my favorite effects in the game for a long time.

The Dark Echo was one of the first pedals that gained him some notoriety in the business, whith good reason. It sounds excellent.

It had to be discontinued due to parts availability, but a …

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My first UNBOXING!!! The fine folks at Fender sent me a little something something for a giveaway, but I do not know what it is..... Let’s find out together shall we.

All I know is that it is a Squier.....

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Sept. 16, 2020

Who The Heck Are You?

YouTube said I needed a trailer and that seemed like a good idea, so here is a little introduction about myself and what this channel is all about!

Guitars, pedals, amps, aliens, BBQ, pizza? It’s all up for discussion!

Hope you enjoy!

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If it weren’t for this 1965 Ampeg J-12, The Tone Mob Podcast May not be a thing and I would not be doing weird guitar stuff on the internet.

This little tube powered wonder sounds really cool, and I thought it deserved a quick demo.

Vintage Ampegs don’t get enough love. Check one out next time yo…

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It has been requested many, many times, and here it is! The Ibanez DE7 is a killer delay pedal at its price point. Really, at any price point, but people are beginning to get hip to it and the prices are starting to climb.

Check out this video and see if it might be worth it for you to snatch befo…

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I've owned this Evans Super Echo for quite a while, and while I love it...... There is definitely room for improvement. The folks at EchoFix in Australia sent me some of their new replacement tapes to try out, and we check it out in real time with no other changes in this video.
Let me know what yo…

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