Why Would You Want Gated Reverb?

Musicians love reverb effects. That is almost universally true. Whether it is the natural reverb of a church cathedral, the splash of a vintage spring reverb tank, or even the reflections of our voice in the shower. Musicians love reverb and guitar players are no exception.

So why exactly would you want a noise gate on your reverb? What is the point of gated reverb? Doesn't that make your reverb, well... stop reverberating?

Yes it does, and there are a myriad of reasons why you might want your reverb effect to suddenly stop.

In this video, I explore why a gated reverb guitar pedal can make a ton of sense for guitarists.

I specifically go over the applications that an extended range guitar player might find useful. So if you play seven, eight, or nine string guitars ( or perhaps baritone guitars) you might want to check this out. Especially if you are trying to decide if a gated reverb effects pedal is right for you.

The pedal I'm checking out in this video is the Mr. Black Pedals Heaven's Gate Gated Reverberator. It is by far the best gated reverb I have played in a guitar pedal format.

You can check it out at https://www.mrblackpedals.com/collections/pedals/products/heavens-gate

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