Stringjoy Signatures vs Rangers Bass String Demo

We get asked for all kinds of things over at the Stringjoy HQ, and we'd love to be able to flip a switch make all of that possible.

Since we have to carefully evaluate a huge variety of factors for each and every line we come out with... These things take time.

So, with that in mind, I am very happy to show you our much requested new stainless steel bass guitar strings!

We call them Rangers, and we are super excited with how they came out.

Stainless steel bass strings have a very specific sound that is pronounced in the upper end of the bass guitar spectrum. Stainless steel bass strings pop out in the mix because of this.

Their bright, metallic overtones make stainless steel a great option for bassists who play metal and other types of heavy music. It can really help the bass guitar punch through a thick layer of distortion.

In this video, I show how stainless steel bass strings compare to traditional nickel plated steel bass strings sonically. I play them both clean and with some distortion added to the mix.

I hope you enjoy this comparison. If you are watching on your phone, I'd suggest grabbing the best headphones you have available to catch the nuances.

You can check out the Stringjoy Rangers here:

And the Stringjoy Signatures here:

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