Not Just “Josh Homme In A Box”. This pedal is crazy versatile!

Acorn Amps (@theBanalBrother) faithfully recreated the recently exposed @QOTSA “secret weapon” amplifier in a guitar pedal format!

While that brings exploding, fuzzy guitar tones to most people’s minds, this effects pedal can do SO much more than that. (As shown in this clip.)

In this clip I’m using it to push some cab IRs in my DAW with a little bit of the @wampler_pedals Metaverse plug-in added for some spice.

I’m using it for a clean rhythm guitar, a higher gain lead tone, and I was able to dial it in for the bass guitar as well!

I was genuinely surprised at how versatile this pedal is. Acorn did an incredible job with it.

Plus, it isn’t just a preamp pedal or an “amp in a box” type of effect.

It ALSO is a fully functional 10 watt guitar amp that you can plug into any 4, 8, or 16 ohm speaker cab!

It’s truly awesome. I have not been this impressed with a drive pedal in a very long time. Great work Acorn Amps!