Here’s An Idea For You! (If You Have A Lot Of Guitar Pedals)

Everyone that knows me in real life knows that I’m basically @mariekondo. I definitely do not hang on to too much stuff and I’m supremely well organized.

Ok. That was a total lie.

But I’m trying to get better!

And in the spirit of trying to get organized and also improve my workflow, I present to you the early stages of The Tone Cart!

I have a nice workspace up top where I can shoot demos and get weird, and storage space for cables, adapters and even more guitar effects pedals!

Plus it’s on wheels so I can easily wheel the whole rig anywhere in the Shed depending on needs.

So far so good! I’m looking forward to getting it all wired, lit up and fully functional.

This Meris, BIG EAR pedals and SolidGoldFX combo is mighty tasty. And Runway Audio is tying it all together.