Guitar Pedals Are About To Get Even Crazier! Yes. Seriously.

Pretty exciting stuff already happening in the guitar pedal world!

Keeley Electronics and F5 Metalworks have teamed up and are getting some SERIOUS new equipment up and running.

Soon, Keeley will be able to produce custom enclosures for their pedals which will allow even greater design freedoms and unique possibilities.

But that’s not all…

F5 already machines, powders, and prints a huge chunk of the guitar pedal enclosures for other companies that you know and love… So what does that mean?

A much larger swath of the pedal industry will have access to fully customized enclosures.

Pedal designers will no longer be fully constrained to “the box”.

(For a wild example, see the Big Ear Pedals x Tone Mob Slice of Pie 😉)

Things are going to get spicy!