Did Gibson Make A Telecaster? Huh?

Some folks are Gibson people, some folks are Fender people.

But what about people who like to mix things up?

The old Gibson Melody Makers are not only fantastic guitars, and the most affordable way to get your hands on a vintage Gibson guitar… But in stock form they live in this interesting hybrid world of electric guitars.

Gibson wanted to make an affordable, high quality instrument for students.

To help cut costs on the Melody Maker, they used a slab body design similar the Les Paul Specials and Les Paul Juniors. They are also substantially thinner (making them extremely lightweight).

They also used a stash of leftover Lap Steel guitar pickups they had laying around the factory at the time.

These single coil pickups give the Melody Maker it’s signature sound that isn’t unlike a Fender Telecaster in some regards!

It is certainly one of the least “Gibson” sounding Gibsons of all time, and provides a unique sound all of it’s own.

Check the video out and let me know what you think in the comments!