Can a Boss HM-2 Clean Up???

I had never backed the gain off of a Boss HM-2 pedal this far before. It doesn’t get insanely clean, but it does low gain MUCH better than I would have anticipated!

Some high gain distortion pedals are almost like “on and off switches” with their response. The Boss HM-2 is actually pretty smooth!

This pedal is so much more than the “chainsaw” that most people think of it as.

To be honest, I don’t even think that is the best sound the Boss HM-2 has!

I’m also running it into the Digitech Supernatural Reverb pedal. This pedal was a @ProGuitarShopDemos exclusive back in the day and it makes me a touch nostalgic.

In this clip I am running the effect pedal in “Supernova” mode which adds some intense modulation to the tail of the repeats.

I hope you enjoyed this clip!