June 10, 2019

Emily Wolfe

Emily Wolfe
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Episode 131: – Aliens, Fulltone OCDs, Klon KTRs, music, addiction and more. I really went all over the map with Emily and I think this conversation turned out absolutely phenomenal. Please make sure you check out her music on all the platforms and at her website. But only if you like fuzzy guitars. If you or a loved one need to talk with either of the organizations she mentioned, here are the links. Get help if you need it folks. There is absolutely no shame in it, and there is a way out. Musiccares and SIMS are the two she mentioned on the show. If you just need more Tone Mob in your life, there are many, many more hours of listening over on Patreon!! Make sure you check out this week’s fine sponsors, Gunstreet Wiring Shop, Sinasoi, and Stringjoy! Last, but not least there is Tonemob.com/reverb for putting some wind in the sails on every purchase you make through Reverb. It costs you nothing extra and helps out tremendously. Listen on iTunes Listen on Spotify Listen on Soundcloud Listen on Stitcher

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