Jan. 21, 2022

The Musicians Guild welcomes Nick Reinhart

The Musicians Guild welcomes Nick Reinhart

Nick Reinhart

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This intro was a bit longer and I feel like I didn't necessarily do the subject justice. But I'll just keep trying to improve! Toki has made a new bed near my recording desk and has been present for all of the making of this episode.

This week we are very honored to welcome innovative musician, righteous guitarist, and legit-ass human Nick Reinhart to the hall of discussion. You might know Nick from his band Tera Melos who were label and touring mates of RX during our Sargent House days, or you might know him from his more current projects such as Disheveled Cuss, Undo K From Hot, or Vertical Scratchers. Nick has a very hefty and droppable list of names of bands and musicians he's played with including playing with Beach House on late night tv performances and jamming with various indie and mainstream legends. All the while, Nick maintains his authentic and vibrantly stoic vibe while always asking questions of how we listen to music.

In this conversation we talk about burritos, Nick's sonic inspirations, home studio setups, whether or not we'd make music for a McDonals commercials, over stuffing guitar racks and pedal shelving and lots more!

Be Excellent to each other.

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