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Guitar Shred Bob Ross?

Steve is an amazing person and his podcast is a must listen for musicians and foodies. His voice is very soothing and chill to me. It like listening to Bob Ross talk touring. I love it.

Huge Choi fan

From his days in Asian Man Record bands to RX. Great choice in guests so far.


I could honestly listen to Steve Choi talk for hours on end (about anything). He has a wonderful way with words & he has years upon years of experience in the music industry. This is my new favorite podcast & you are definitely missing out on something special if you pass this one by.

5 Stars

I could listen to Steve talk forever. Not to mention, he has so many years of experience on the road. I can only imagine how many great musicians and creatives he has met along the way. Can’t way to see the guests he has in the future!

Friggin RAD!

I love this so much! Steve has such a wonderful way to talk about music & life that totally captures your attention! Can’t wait to hear more!!!! 💜

1st episode

Really enjoyed the first show, great story telling. The tempo of the show is relaxing