June 10, 2021

The Musicians Guild welcomes Brian Diaz

The Musicians Guild welcomes Brian Diaz

Brian Diaz

Greetings earthlings. This week we are very happy to welcome someone with an enormous wealth of experiences and knowledge who is called Brian Diaz. Brian is a musician who has played in bands such as Edna's Goldfish and The Reunion Show but his main gig is as a guitar/bass tech for bands such as Fall Out Boy, Guns n' Roses, Garbage, Primus, Bush and many many more. In addition to being a top notch conversationalist, Brian is a great hang and provides tons of laughs, so getting to talk with him for an extended period of time was a real pleasure. In this conversation, we get into our first tour together in 1999, Brian's amazing singing voice, skipping out on a Brazilian festival with Anthrax, his bass setup for his band, slowing down to refocus our work, working for Primus, Fall Out Boy's stage talk-back setup, and lots lots more.

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