Dec. 31, 2021

The Musicians Guild welcomes Barry Johnson (Joyce Manor)

The Musicians Guild welcomes Barry Johnson (Joyce Manor)

Barry Johnson (Joyce Manor)

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This podcast is brought to you by the rainy and cold Northern California weather. Maximum coziness achieved while putting this episode together, The Musicians Guild hopes you can continue that cozy work.

This week we are pleased to welcome Barry Johnson to the discussion den. Barry is lead singer and guitarist in Joyce Manor and a delightful human. I'm still inspired by those people I come across with big props and attention that live in spite of the accolades, totally unaffected by the glory with very little ego to detect, and Barry is definitely one of those people. This is a really relaxed conversation and I hope you can get as much comfort and laughs out of it as I did. In this conversation we get into how Barry can't appreciate jazz, his path in higher education, the old chestnut of hometown show stress, limiting video game time, Long Beach drivers, the fickleness of the underground and lots more. The Musicians Guild loves you.

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