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This podcast brings the thunder! Fafalios & Matt are great hosts, the show has an awesome theme, and the production is top notch. Keep it up dudes!

A Fun Look at Hit Songs of the Past

I really enjoy listening to this podcast on my drive home from work! Matt and Chris really do their research on the one hit wonders of the past, and they seem like they have fun doing so. One Hit Thunder has introduced me to several new (old) bands and great songs I may have missed when they were more frequently played!

Love the format, love the content!

Chris and Matt do an amazing job with this show. They have great guests, are very knowledgeable about all these songs, and I enjoy how many times, the discussion delves into other music as well. I'm addicted and look forward to the new episode each week!

Always entertaining

I apologize for it taking me so long to write a glowing review. This podcast is great for any punk teenager that grew up, stayed punk but can appreciate all kinds of music, including cheesy but well crafted Top 40 schlock. This pod keeps getting better.


This podcast is thunder!! Finding this was a nice addition to my weekly routine. Another great topic! I find myself singing these theme songs all day long. Thanks for keeping things fun! I love listening.

Came for the Hanson episode, staying for the nostalgia

Great episode on MmmBop by Hanson, the band once criminally underrated who sadly revealed themselves to be unworthy of being rated at all. Appreciated the nuanced discussion, both of the song and the recent controversy. Can’t wait to catch up on the back catalog because I’m seeing lots of 90’s favorites on the list!

Very fun idea

I got turned onto this podcast because Chris the host is the producer for another podcast I dig.I love the idea of what it is and I love how they talk about it and it’s fans talking about what they like so everyone relates without a band background. It’s very fine it jumps around genres fairly so it’s not pigeonholed buy just one style of one hit wonder and I look forward to it during the week to listen to it is a good driving podcast on my daily commute

What a fun podcast to listen to!!!

Everyone loves one hit wonders, so it really interesting listening to a podcast that breaks down some of the best ever. Highly recommend for any music fans out there.

Nooooo I have it stuck in my head now and I love it!

Really fun concept pulling all the best nostalgia strings. Definitely worth listening as they talk about whether some of your favorite one hit wonders deserve the hype!

Loved it

Such a fun and great idea! Super engaging and funny! I really enjoyed it! Looking forward to the next episode!

Enjoyable, Fun and can’t wait for the next one!

Do you like music? Especially those one hit wonders that get stuck in your head and you can’t seem to forget!?! Then this podcast is for you! It was exciting, fun and kept me laughing and smiling reminiscing of singing in the car with friends at the top of our lungs! I can’t wait till the next one!

This ain’t no one podcast wonder

Loved the first episode and can’t wait for more!

Can’t wait to see what’s next

One-hit-wonders are always a fun and emotional throwback. Love listening to how other people relate to them while having a little bout of nostalgia.

Great podcast

Very excited for this podcast just discussing it with the members of the podcast I’ve come across many songs I had forgotten about from back in the day! Highly recommend giving it a listen it will be a great time!

I’m Thunderstruck!

This podcast is another great piece of content by the very consistent Chris Fafalios. The concept is engaging. Everyone has a favorite one-hit wonder, and now you can explore an entire world of music that was just waiting to be discussed. Check it out!

Very Funny!

I’m absolutely biased, being the first guest on the show, but I think it came out great! I laughed listening to it. Chris is a great host, and Matt did a fantastic job making it all come together!

Very Funny, Relatable AND Informative!

Really like this podcast idea and the execution. It’s fun to hear a musician talk about one hit wonders in a fun and engaging way.