June 15, 2022

"Hooch" by Everything

It's summer time and what summer isn't complete without hanging around a fire with your best buds getting connected to your ancestors? The group Everything pondered this exact question when they wrote Hooch. We left it up to the Patreon to decide what we talked about and they said EVERYTHING. So grab your moonshine baby cause it's the only sweetest thing in the world.

What better way to spiritually connect to your ancestors than by sittin’ around a fire, sippin’ on some moonshine, and listenin’ to the 1998 single “Hooch” by the band Everything? Our Patreon sure thought it sounded like a good idea, because they voted for it. But do we think “Hooch” is the sweetest thing in the world, or does it leave a bitter taste in our mouths? Stick around to find out everything you ever wanted to know about Everything.

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