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Producers, please read

Awesome show, great host, great guests but the recording quality makes it nearly unlistenable. I’m listening in my car and I got to keep turning it up to hear Gavin talk then someone else’s comes in and blows my ears out. Losing the sound effects would help a lot too. These are easy fixes I hope you make. I didn’t know how to contact you directly thats why I put it here.

The Mike Tyson of NYHC!!

Can’t get enough of Lord Ezec and Jay Reason!! Between Diablos Den, One Life One Chance with Toby Morse and Hard Times amongst other great podcasts, never a dull moment on the road or in the gym!!


is an american hero. Glad he undertook this project.

Best Podcast out!

Nothing but respect for all these dudes! K.A.C.

Double D is still the king

Danny Diablo is still puttin out bangers!

Sooooo Good...

Some of my favorite podcast episodes were when Ezec was the guest. I am so glad he finally has one of his own. Great narrator with cred in every category they cover. The exchanges with their guests about HipHop, Hardcore, Graffiti or life in general are top notch. This is one of my favorite subscribed Podcasts.

Danny monster stories

Great podcast. Need more filthy animal stories don’t listen to peter green.


Show is crazy cant wait for the next one. dANNY HAS THE BEST STORIES

Diablos Den

Been waiting a long time for this podcast. Danny Diablo is a legend in the HC scene, & I’m glad to see him branching out. I like his ideas, and I share his points of view. Big up. Stay up. Longtime fan, & forever follower of Danny, & DMS Crew.

Killin it

Off to a great start E, can’t wait to hear more.


Great listen! Props to LORD EZEC, greetings from CHICAGO

Danny Diablo Hardcore King!

Glad this guy finally has a podcast. A really talented artist. Can’t wait to hear the stories.