#FreeTheNarrative II | "The Monster In Us All" | Official Theme Song

Theme Song for Free The Narrative 2 : The Monster In Us All

Written by Tommy Tankx of #Mushroomhead and JC Koszewski
Vocals by Steve Rauckhorst of #Mushroomhead

"I've been chasing these moments in circles
Searching for a feeling that I cannot feel anymore

Repackaging old skin
This all feels the same as before

There's a monster in us all
The one that steals our soul
There's a monster in us all"

#FreeTheNarrative II The Monster In Us All AVAILABLE on Fite TV 10/2/21.


#ec3 and the #ControlYourNarrative movement are proud to announce that Free The Narrative II will be available on the Sports/Entertainment Streaming Conglomerate service FITE TV starting 10/2/21.

As #AdamScherr (fka #BraunStrowman soon to be #REDACTED) has found himself at his lowest point, he is visited by an old “friend” with an #essential reminder.

“Monsters can be killed.”

Available 10/01/21

Available 10/02/21 on Fite TV

Free The Narrative is a series that tells original and personal stories with some of professional wrestling’s biggest names, and those yet known.

“Free The Narrative” is completely independent of any wrestling promotion. Set to an original score, FTN blends professional wrestling, cinema, and harsh reality in what will become the true definition of “creative freedom” for an industry that desperately needs it, and any performer that truly seeks it.

To #ControlYourNarrative is to “Tell Your Story.”

In “Free The Narrative” those stories are told.

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FTN II is available on FITE TV as a Bundle Package with FTN 1


FTN I available here