Oct. 22, 2021


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Narrator and ec3 talk about everything is a lie. 

Reiterate that #FreeTheNarrative II "The Monster in Us All" is available now, for #Free, on the #ControlYourNarrative YouTube.

And how William (Bill Carr) is ec3's favorite person.

A thorough, complete interview takes with Bill Carr, one of the most engaging and disgusting and loved men in all of professional wrestling locker rooms.

Bill Carr goes into his fascination with horror movies, death metal, a decaying cultural landscape, being fired from #FCW and how he was welcomed into #WWE as a talent by an obviously good-natured and not at all #powerdrunk #office. 

Bill shares tales from his developmental days and with astounding detail and debauchery, all with a cool cadence of a New Yorker who in no way should be portraying a #cowboy in trunks.

Bill Carr has found a home in #TheNarrative. William is always welcome.

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