Full Match | Moose vs The Vision Matt Sydal | Free The Narrative Part 1 Excerpt

#FreeTheNarrative (excerpt V)⁣
The #WrestlingGod sees a #Vision.⁣

Moose was the #essentialcharacter’s initial #project. A test for #ec3 to see if his #ControlYourNarrative ethos can be adopted by others.⁣

ec3 braved the #troubled waters of his past to confront and torment #moose in an attempt to make him become who he COULD be. While progress was made, the mission is not complete.⁣

To see if Moose could truly ascend, he again arrived at #TheNarrative. Moose had to face a vision in the form of an enlightened spirit. That vision is @mattsydal.⁣

Is Moose able to take a step closer to finishing what he started? Or will he remain on the path to falter when the hard work truly begins?⁣
#FreeTheNarrative I⁣
ft. ec3 vs @themattcardona⁣
(available now on @fitetv)⁣
#FreeTheNarrative II “The Monster In Us All” ft. ec3 vs @adamscherr99 (available 10/02/21 on @fitetv.)⁣
#FreeEC3 #ec3 ⁣⁣
#AdamScherr FKA #BraunStrowman soon to be #REDACTED⁣