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Just Like Telling Stories With Close Friends!

I have almost listened to every episode now and I am really loving this show! I have always loved true crime and paranormal podcasts, but often find that they can weigh me down too much and just leave a negative vibe. This show, however, has such a great mix of humor and scares. I am always feeling thoughtful and encouraged when I finish listening because Charles, Shawn, and DeeJay do such a great job at balancing the humor and scares a almost always leave on a positive. Keep up the tremendous work!

Love this podcast!!!

I absolutely LOVE y’all ! So funny and spooky at the same time .

My favorite Podcast!

Awesome podcast! Right amount of humor and spookiness. I’ve learned things I didn’t know about forces and beings in our world. Keep it up 👌🏻

Recently started listening

I love your content, you guys all tell stories well. I love the sounds of all of your voices. I appreciate the long audio, my job is kind of slow right now, so you guys are getting me through the long days! Thank you. I hope you guys get to quit your day jobs! Don't forget to hold each other accountable! PB

Your mom

I listen to this pod and it is very interesting unlike my mom…🤩


This podcast has all the things that I could want in a podcasts! Lots of laughs, scary stories, relatable hosts! It’s really perfect! Proud to be a top tier Patreon!

Charles, Deejay, and Sean are hilarious and entertaining to listen to. They always tell the most interesting scary stories and their hot takes are hilarious and valid.

BEST PODCAST EVER!!!! So funny, so scary, so heartwarming (at times) but mostly so scary!!!! It’s a MUST LISTEN!!!!!

Laughs and gasps, supa entertaining very cool very swag

Super funny!! Love the scary stories and the guys!!

The best Podcast around

Absolutely love these guys! Thankful for the work they put into their stories. I appreciate their views on things and for having some great guests on their pod. Sean great at making things spooky! Charlie is fantastic at bringing up interesting topics! Deejay brings in so much with his knowledge of music! 10/10 def recommend for anyone who likes a good time.

Need Consistency

This podcast is excellent. The guys are funny, engaging, and great storytellers. My only complaint is that episode releases are inconsistent. I never know when to expect a new episode, and they sometimes are released weeks apart. Please pick a weekly release day and keep it consistent. Other than that, the show is great. Five stars.

Best podcast

I’ve been listening to this podcast non stop I love the scary stories and the jokes you guys are really funny!

Listen to 119 and love it

Heard about the podcast in Creeps and Peepers Facebook group. They were mostly talking about the lottery. But I have a feeling it’s a good podcast

favorite podcast !!

finally finished the whole thing a few days ago, listen to you guys everyday at work, makes the time go by faster while listening to the stories you guys share ! although i finished everything i go back and listen to random ones while waiting for the new ones to drop, never gets old, keep it up you guys 😌

The best

I love love LOVE this podcast. I found this podcast at the beginning of this school year. My daughter was in school and my husband was at work and I’m at home all day with the baby. I needed something new and exciting and I’m so happy I typed in scary stories and found this one. I love how they are so chilled. I love how they make fun of each other, but love each other. I love how they tell the stories. They are so funny, but I love how they can get serious and talk about tough issues. I definitely recommend 3AM scary stories.

Entertainment at its finest

I’m really glad I was able to find this podcast. It’s has been great getting to know these guys. The way they tell stories really makes it feel like we are all sitting around a campfire and going around telling stories. There has been so many times they’ve made me laugh, and plenty others that while I’m at work, I’m looking over my shoulder…. Just in case… the spooks are real with this one.


I sincerely love this podcast. I normally avoid listening to podcasts where it’s a group of people chatting about scary stories and retelling them in a non-theatrical way. Like Charles mentions a few times, I am used to listening to podcasts like Radio Rental. This group of friends are truly entertaining to listen to. I literally laugh every episode. It’s very rare that I can be scared and laugh at the same time. A lot of the time I am listening at work, and it really gets me through the crappiest says by making me laugh whole-heartedly. Sometimes, on a quiet shift, I’ll just burst out laughing. I literally look insane lol. I hope there are many more stories to come!

One of the best

I’m addicted to listening to you guys. I have other pods that I love listening to also but can’t stop listening to you. I laugh so hard every episode. Hope you keep the episodes coming for a real long time! One thing I hope that gets better with time (started at episode 1) is some of you seem a bit distant from your mics at times and it can be hard to hear.

Such a vibe

I listen all day every day during work and I just love these guys and their energy. As well as the crazy stories they tell. Love this podcast!

Best podcast

This has to be one of my favorites podcasts they have scary stories and funny jokes you won’t regret it

One of my favorites

I have been listening to this podcast for a few months now and have already listened to every episode. This podcast is great for fans of scary stories as well as people looking to be educated on other cultures Folklore. Every episode is scary, yet informative. The chemistry and humor between the hosts adds great balance to the scary aspects. This podcast truly makes you feel like you are sitting around a campfire with friends, telling ghost stories. Overall, I think this is a great podcast to get into and have recommend it to many friends. Keep up the great work!

know what you’re getting into:

yes, 3AM tells scary stories. although it is so much more than that. if you don’t want to build an interactive connection with these guys first and foremost, this might not be a good fit for you. there are plenty of monotone, lifeless and characterless podcasts out there, that lack in personality in order to deliver objective story telling. maybe that’s what you’re looking for, so head over to those! these guys are intentional with the way they make you feel like you are one of their friends, sitting around a campfire with them, catching up and sharing stories. it was never meant to be a “right to the stories” type of podcast. the banter, jokes and personal life updates are all a part of the experience here. you can’t hate on it for being exactly what it was created to be. big love to these guys for being inclusive to everyone, by making fun of everyone. no one is excluded and we aren’t too serious to laugh about what makes us uniquely human. i much prefer this typr of humor, rather than tiptoeing around in order to not offend anyone. great work, i fully support

Great podcast

I usually give podcast 2-3 episodes before review and wow I binged listened probably 9-10 episodes they are awesome

Great podcast to listen to wheneverrrr

I listen to these guys all day at work and even sometimes on a long drive if i wanna drive around and not end my spooky podcast spree; definitely recommend!

Something different!

This podcast is a cool way for me to escape. The only thing missing is the ability for me to be part of the conversation! I can tell (just by listening) that we would be instant friends if our path ever crossed!

Great but one thing

Love the podcast but I don’t like saving the end of some stories just for patreons like mysterious universe. What about the people that can’t afford it or can’t pay. It’s alienating them. Come up with fresh stories for the paying audience. I might be alone in this but it drives me nuts. I stopped listening to mysterious universe for the most part because of this. Just my opinion.

Great podcast

I love this podcast. I just started listening but I’m hooked. I wish I knew these guys in real life especially Charlie, he’s hilarious!

My favorite podcast

Who does not like jokes and spooky stories? These guys are great, witty banter, fun story telling and a good laugh too. ❤️❤️❤️


I have been a long time listener of this podcast and I am still obsessed. The guys are hilarious and amazing story tellers. I recommend them to everyone. I impatiently wait for the new episodes to come out every week. LOVE THEM