March 24, 2021

Stephen Egerton

Stephen Egerton
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This is a great episode even if we do say so our damn selves (brag much? eye roll emoji). The bullshit boiz sit down with an actual living legend and one of Zach's idols and family friends, Stephen Egerton, from the bands Descendents and All. They get to the nitty gritty and somehow manage to talk about board games (are you bored yet?....see what we did there?...board/bored....fuck you). Zach makes an idiot out of himself and talks too much and Mike is just high on life, man. Seriously, we're too lucky to have a moment of this wonderful man and amazing musicians time so we hope you enjoy. This one was recorded last year and recently updated so cut us some goddamn slack, ok? We're trying!! We're just a lonely podcast trying to make it out here in this damn crazy world. (drags cigarette, stares into mid distance, fade to black, fin )

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