May 27, 2021

Joe Principe

Joe Principe

Oh boy, are you ever lucky?! This is one for the that the proper nomenclature? Is that the proper word?.....nomenclature? .......Don't make a thing out of this. Lets move on..

Today we have Joe Principe from Rise Against in the first of two Rise Against episodes to commemorate the release of their new record ,The Nowhere Generation, coming out next week. If you've paid attention (you probably haven't), thats the band that one of your hosts plays in (guess which one). So much can be said about Joe, Zach has spent the last fifteen years traversing the planet with this guy but we'll let you listen in and see what you think. You won't be disappointed (or maybe you will, maybe you're an asshole. Who knows? I don't even know you. We can talk later, I'm in the middle of something right now)

We talk about punk rock touring, booking your own fucking life, shitty day jobs, Danzig in Austin, rumors about Rod Stewart and Richard Gere (you know the ones) and Zach and Joe tell a lot of stories about their shared experience from being in a band together for the last 73 years. Oh, and Mikes new look gets attention, especially his pony tail. I hope Mike changes his name to "Pony Tail" or "Pony Mike" or..........just "Pony"? I don't know, it's fuckin' late

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