April 1, 2021

Donivan Blair

Donivan Blair
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On this one, the guys get to talk to Zach's big brother, Donivan Blair, author of the self-help/martial arts book, "Even If It Kills Me", and the bassist for the bands, The Toadies, Hagfish, Only Crime, Mag 7 and The Tulsa Dooms! Things turn into a mushy bro-down as the brothers get all brotherly and shit. We discuss Doni's Book, his career, his relationship to your favorite co-host (natch) and, as always, ask him his current three favorite things. Zach tries to impress his big brother but Doni ends up liking Mike more in the end (sad face). Check out Doni's book wherever you get books and his music wherever you find music (especially the stuff he did with Zach because Zach is cool/smart/rad).

This episode explores and definitively proves (in Zach's case) the age old schoolyard epithet:


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