March 18, 2021

Daniel Fried/TVs Daniel

Daniel Fried/TVs Daniel
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Listen in this week as your two favorite cheeseburger boiz get deep with one of their besties and bandmates. Daniel Fried is our guest and you may know him from one of his many amazing musical endeavors (Bad Sports, Radioactivity, Video, TVs Daniel, Drakulas, etc.). Shit gets DARK!! Shit gets REAL!! ITS THE REAL WORLD OUT THERE, MOTHERFUCKERS!!!.....sorry........

Anywhoo, the guys go off topic and discuss failure, regret and The Insane Clown Posse (obvs). Which, now that I typed that just seems to be a methapor for this past year but you'll get get us....thats why we love you........

Oh yea, because Zach and Mike aren't good at anything, they forget to do a proper show introduction and explain what the podcast is all about but, fuck it, right? You know us by now.

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