VOX&HOPS EP297- Coffee vs Craft Beer with George Panayi of the Meet Me For Coffee Podcast

George Panayi of the Meet Me For Coffee Podcast & have a conversation about podcasting. The struggles, the joys, our best interviews & so much more. I even tried to convince him to create his own coffee so that we can create a Collab beer with it.

Throughout our chat George was drinking Joseph Bloor Brewery 's Joe Blo' the 4.7% Bohemian Pilsner while I enjoyed Overhop Canada x Beyond Creation's "Entre Stout Et Mirage" the 6% ABV Stout with Brazilian coffee from Barbosa Family, roasted at Bean et Bonheur & Ambunana Chips the Brazilian wood used to age cachaça which was brewed as a part of Brewtal North America.

"Entre Stout Et Mirage" poured out with a jet black veil with a fluffy Cappuccino colored head, slapped cinnamon as well coffee on the nose & smashed coffee & caramel on the finish.

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