VOX&HOPS EP294- Vox&Hops Bière Garden Special

On Saturday September 11th, I was invited to Bière Garden 's "MONTREAL, BY THE WATER"! To this event special, I invited Danny Marino of The Agonist to be my co-host for a bunch of interviews. During this exclusive Craft Beer fest we had the chance to talk to Dave Roberge one of the creators of Bière Garden, Vincent Ménard of Messorem Bracitorium, Max Bergeron of BG Brasserie Urbaine, Keegan Kelertas of Microbrasserie 4 Origines & Drew Stevens of Kahnawake Brewing.

To make this event even cooler, I invited the Vox&Hops Crew to capture some killer moments of this amazing day. Huge props & mad love to Ryan Andrade for filming the event, France Hatin for the photography, Jessica Buckingham for helping organize the interviews, to Chris Kells of The Agonist for editing the Vox&Hops at Bière Garden video & to Philippe Brousseau for writing a killer theme song for this episode!

Watch the Vox&Hops at Bière Garden Wrap Up Video created by Chris Kells:


Photo Credit: France Hatin

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