VOX&HOPS EP292- Thirsty Thursday LIVE - For the Love of Memes with Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia

Duncan Bentley of Vulvodynia & I have a conversation about how he coped with the pandemic, his 1st beers, the soundtrack of his youth, his 1st shows, the South African Metal Scene, discovering his voice, "Praenuntius Infiniti", working with Chris Donaldson, Bob the Butcher, how he has been filling the void, his hangover cure & so much more.

Throughout this chat Duncan was drinking a Carling Black Label while I enjoyed Microbrasserie À la Fût 's "Chai Riff".

This was a very fun beer experiment. They packaged together their "Cowsure Framboise" the 5.4% Sour Raspberry Saison with a 5% Kriek Base. They encouraged us to blend the two beers & let them know what our favourite proportions were. For myself, I enjoyed a 75% Cowsure to 25% Kriek base blend.

This episode was recorded at a Thirsty Thursday Virtual Hang!

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Photo Credit: @ariso_photography

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