VOX&HOPS EP279- Being at the Right Place at the Right Time with Stormruler

Jason Asberry & Jesse Schobel of Stormruler & I have a conversation about how they coped with 2020, their 1st brews, the soundtrack to their youths, their 1st shows, Under the Burning Eclipse, the Book of Bring It, a Stormruler Brew & their hangover cure.

Throughout this conversation, Jason enjoyed Ale Asylum 's "Road Crew" the 5%ABV American Pale Ale & Civil Life Brewing Company "s "Angel & Sword" the 4.6% ABV English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB) while Jesse enjoyed Elysian Brewing 's "Contact Haze" the 6% ABV Hazy IPA & 4 Hands Brewing Company 's "Contact High" the 5% ABV Wheat Beer. I enjoyed Lupulone 's brand new brew called "Cadors". This 6.5% ABV IPA was brewed with Ella, Vic Secret & Galaxy Hops as well as with a special strain of yeast that gives off some wild earthy characteristics yet it is not actually a Brett yeast. It poured out with a gorgeous yellow hazy veil, slapped grapefruit on the nose, smashed a chalky juicy tropical finish.

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Photo Credit: Chris Bauer

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