VOX&HOPS EP278- This is Brewtal North America

An in depth look into how Brewtal North America came to life. Throughout the week of June 21-25, 22 Vox&Hops collaborative beers were released all across the United States & Canada. How exactly did that happen?

Vox&Hops Brewtal North America is here!!! Brewtal North America is presented by IndieMerchstore, fueled by Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. & powered by Yakima Chief Hops!!!

Massive thanks to BreWskey - Pub & Taproom x Akurion, Cannery Brewing x Unleash The Archers, Henderson Brewing Co x Thrashed, Kahnawake Brewing Company x Cryptopsy, L'Apothicaire x Augury, Microbrasserie Le Fermentor x The Agonist, Microbrasserie Le Presbytère x Necrotic Mutation, New Level Brewing Co. x Striker, Overhop Canada x Beyond Creation, Saint-Houblon x Unhuman, Third Moon Brewing x BRAND OF SACRIFICE, 8e Péché x Incandescence, Bone Up Brewing Company x Fuming Mouth, Broken Goblet Brewing x Hath, Brutal Beerworks x Abigail Williams, Cosmic Eye Brewing x RRBG Podcast, Dry City Brew Works x yakuza, Ghost Town Brewing x Labored Breath, Gilded Skull Brewing and Blending Co. x Widowmaker Brewing x Summoner, Lasting Brass Brewing Co. x Shadow Of Intent, Speciation Artisan Ales x Battlecross & WAKE Brewing x The Atlas Moth for being a part of this massive event!!!

Make sure to check out Vox&Hops' Brewtal Awakenings Playlist which has been curated by the Metal Architect Jerry Monk himself on either Spotify or Apple Music. This playlist is packed with all the freshest, sickest & most extreme albums each week!!!

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