VOX&HOPS EP204- Mike LaCouture (Broken Goblet Brewing) & Trevor Phipps (Unearth)

A conversation about how they have been coping with 2020, their 1st beers, their collaborative brew "Black Hearts Now Reign" the Russian Imperial Stout with White Chocolate, their 1st shows, Metal Breweries & their hangover cure.

Throughout this chat Mike was drinking Broken Goblet Brewing's collaborative brew with Unearth "Black Hearts Now Reign" the Russian Imperial Stout brewed with White Chocolate. All of the proceeds from this brew will be given to Boston's & Philadelphia's ACLU. It clocked in with a 10% ABV.

Trevor was drinking Finback Brewery's "Rolling In Clouds" the Hazy IPA. It clocked in with a 7.1% ABV.
Matt was drinking Broken Goblet Brewing's "Noise Reduction" the Oatmeal Stout on Nitro. This glorious Oatmeal Stout was pumped with Nitro during its canning. It had a malty bite, a smooth mouth feel & a subtle boozy finish. It clocked in with a 7.4% ABV.

This week's Vox&Hops Unsigned Gem is Synastry. I have known these wonderful humans for a very long time. I grew up playing gigs alongside them when I was in 3 Mile Scream. Synastry sadly went on hiatus for a long period of time but now they are back!! I am super stoked to be able to shine some light on them by playing their track "Dead to Me" in the intro of this episode.

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