VOX&HOPS- Brewtal North America Wrap-up

Brewtal North America is presented by IndieMerchstore, fueled by Heartbeat Hot Sauce Co. & supported by Yakima Chief Hops!

Vox&Hops Brewtal North America consists of 22 Vox&Hops Alumni paired with metal breweries to create unique collaborative craft beers for their bands.

I am unbelievably stoked at the response to Brewtal North America. I want to sincerely thank all the brewers, artists and metalheads who went on this journey with us as well as our sponsors who helped make our vision come to life.

Brewtal North America is:

BreWskey - Pub & Taproom x Akurion
Cannery Brewing x Unleash The Archers
Henderson Brewing Co x Thrashed
Kahnawake Brewing Company x Cryptopsy
L'Apothicaire x Augury
Microbrasserie Le Fermentor x The Agonist
Microbrasserie Le Presbytère x Necrotic Mutation
New Level Brewing Co. x Striker
Overhop Canada x Beyond Creation
Saint-Houblon x Unhuman
Third Moon Brewing x BRAND OF SACRIFICE
8e Péché x Incandescence

Bone Up Brewing Company x Fuming Mouth
Broken Goblet Brewing x Hath
Brutal Beerworks x Abigail Williams
Cosmic Eye Brewing x RRBG Podcast
Dry City Brew Works x yakuza
Ghost Town Brewing x Labored Breath
Gilded Skull Brewing and Blending Co. + Widowmaker Brewing x Summoner
Lasting Brass Brewing Co. x Shadow Of Intent
Speciation Artisan Ales x Battlecross
WAKE Brewing x The Atlas Moth

Huge thanks to Chris Kells for taking o

This project would never have been possible without the help of Jessica Buckingham, my wife & the producer of Vox&Hops. Her patience, support and excellent ideas drove this project to where it is. Also huge thanks to Chris Kells for creating and managing the production of the mini-docs, Mihaela Petrescu of Mihaela Petrescu Photography for the killer pictures, Filip Ivanović of Flat Bathtub for the insane Brewtal North America Artwork, Jeannie Banh for the label design, Philippe Brousseau for the original music, Asher Media Relations for helping spread the word as well as Andrew Tremblay for the sick Brewtal North America Logo & Flyer!!!

Check out all of the mini-docs about Brewtal North America:
🎥 🎥 : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLJDF_OApfEYWyQxyR3uz0VDpVccI0slsf

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