June 27, 2022

PODCEPTION w/ Emily Harris, Jason Mays & Zach Broyles

PODCEPTION w/ Emily Harris, Jason Mays & Zach Broyles

Here we go good people! I am back from Gearfest with a whole pile of content to hand over to you! On this episode, I sat down with Jason Mays from Working Class Music, Emily Harris from Get Offset, and Zach Broyles from Mythos Pedals/ Dipped In Tone.

We go over how Gearfest was for us, my extreme lack of musical theory, how Zach is secretly a boomer, cool new toys, Music Man, Tascam, Martin and a whole lot more!

This was a really fun recap with some really cool people. Make sure you check out all of their stuff at the links below.

Check out Get Offset HERE

Check out Working Class Music HERE

Check Out Mythos Pedals HERE & Dipped In Tone HERE

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