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Nothing but legends !

Nice job

Very good

Nice job

Great guests. Lots of personality comes through but I wish he would let the guests answer the questions more rather than talk over them.

The best!

If you are a fan of hardcore music and enjoy hilarious conversation THIS is the podcast to listen to!

Best podcast on the internet!

Interesting guests and great insight into the life of a charismatic hardcore musician MUST LISTEN

Getting that hardcore fix during the pandemic

An entertaining look inside the underground of the underground

One of the best hardcore podcasts

Couldn’t be happier that Hoya brought this back. If there’s one good thing that came from covid, it’s the return of this show. Great guests, fun discussions. Along with Post America, this is the best hardcore podcast. Personal highlights are when Hoya brings up BJJ with guys like Billy Bio.

Thank you!

Loving this podcast!! Keep em coming 🙏🏼❤️

This rules

Love it

It’s back 💪🏼🙏💯

Thank god this is back! Missed it to much ML&R

Genuine heart to heart conversation from legend of hardcore

Every time you listen to this podcast you can be sure of one thing : it’s a straight and genuine talk between people who love and respect each other . None of those guys and gals were born with a silver spoon in their mouth , but their worked hard and made themselves what they are : Legends of Hardcore Music . I highly recommend not to miss a single episodes , each of them is a treasure and history of the genre . If you did not listen to it yet , I am jealous , because I did listen to it already . I know you ll love it . Vlad , Organic Grill , NYC