Feb. 18, 2022

The Musicians Guild welcomes Megan Holiday (KROQ)

The Musicians Guild welcomes Megan Holiday (KROQ)

Megan Holiday (KROQ)

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This week we are very happy to have radio personality and host Megan Holiday with us. Although Megan is on the other side of the aisle from us musicians, she is part of the crucial balance I speak of where musicians and non-musicians need each other to maintain the balance of the industry as we know it while it quickly and continuously changes. People like Megan are true advocates for music and musicians so her way of approaching her role in this whole structure is a valuable asset to us creatives. We get into how Megan got her start in radio so naturally we also get into her story of recovery and sobriety after the inevitable rock bottom, and emotions run high. This is delicate vulnerable stuff after all, but it also facilitates gratitude and appreciation of life and sobriety through Megan's story. We also get talk about her 1st times live on air, manifesting people into her life, getting a glow necklace from Aaron Paul at Coachella, tripping hard at Shoreline Amphitheater and lots more! Thanks for listening and being part of the guild.

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