July 20, 2022

Max Karon (Bad Wolves, Once Human)

Max Karon (Bad Wolves, Once Human)

Doc welcomes Bad Wolves guitarist Max Karon to the show.

Doc welcomes Bad Wolves guitarist, Max Karon, to the show and they talk about how Max got into playing guitar and home recording, how that led him to eventually becoming a guitar tech for Coal Chamber, how that led him to working for Devildriver, eventually meeting John Boecklin, and starting the band that would ultimately become Bad Wolves, why he ended up leaving the band and focusing on guitar teching and joining Once Human, the philosophy behind his unique guitar tone and playing style, why he wanted to rejoin Bad Wolves, and how he has evolved as a creative person through the years.

This episode features the songs "The Body" by Bad Wolves and "Deadlock" by Once Human featuring Robb Flynn.

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