Feb. 9, 2021

Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne, Soften The Glare)

Ryan Martinie (Mudvayne, Soften The Glare)

In this landmark 150th episode of The Ex-Man Podcast, Doc welcomes for his first time ever on a podcast, Mudvayne bassist, Ryan Martinie to the show. They talk about how growing up in the rural midwest affected heavy music during that era, how his style of "lead bass" grew into the early Mudvayne sound, why he thinks they had so much early success despite being such an unorthodox band, their songwriting approach to balancing artistry with hit-making, the thought process behind Mudvayne's bombastic image, how the depression he experienced after Mudvayne went on hiatus led to burying himself in deep reading, discovering a healthy lifestyle through flower farming and nature, how his instrumental band, Soften The Glare, came to be, and his time filling in on bass for Korn.

This episode features the songs "DOROS" by FleischKrieg and "Mission Possible" by Soften The Glare.

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