Nov. 17, 2020

Jon Zazula (Megaforce Records)

Jon Zazula (Megaforce Records)

Doc welcomes founder of Megaforce Records, Jon Zazula, to the show, and they talk about his time before Megaforce, being sent to prison for crimes committed when he worked in finance, how he got on the straight and narrow by getting into selling heavy metal vinyl at the Route 18 Flea Market in New Jersey, discovering Metallica and Anthrax in the early days of Megaforce Records, how he transitioned into managing bands like Anthrax and Ministry, dealing with the changing music scene in the 90s as thrash died down and grunge emerged, his relationship with major labels, how mental health issues affected his career, how his boredom with the metal scene inspired him to keep working with different kinds of bands, and why he decided to write an autobiography.

This episode features the song "Stålfågel" by Soilwork.

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