Oct. 21, 2021

Alicia Taylor (Cherry Bombs)

Alicia Taylor (Cherry Bombs)

Doc welcomes Cherry Bombs founder/director Alicia Taylor to the show.

Doc welcomes Alicia Taylor, to the show. Alicia is a dancer and founder/director of Cherry Bombs, a female-led rock n roll dance show that mixes cabaret, pyrotechnics, and pure spectacle. They talk about what she thinks Cherry Bombs actually is, her background as a cheerleader for the NFL team, Atlanta Falcons, what inspired her to start Cherry Bombs, what the response has been like with audiences considering it's something that is so different, how she puts her group together and develops chemistry with the other girls, dealing with sexism in the industry, the challenges of having a somewhat public relationship with her husband, Corey Taylor, and the future of Cherry Bombs.

This episode features the songs "Alive" by Red Devil Vortex and "Burn My Misery" by Vended.

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