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10 stars

I love the energy of this podcast! I look forward to hearing a new episode even if I don’t know the guest I always tune in. It keeps me wanting more and talking to the podcast as if I was the guest imputing my top 5. Keep up the amazing work.

Fleur and Luke are amazing!

Im a huge podcast listener. Especially when it comes to alternative music and beer. These guys hit it right on the head when it comes entertaining. I absolutely love the idea of the top 5 discussion. Ive even taking it into my personal life with talking to my friends about the Top 5 discussions with them. Thank you so much for this podcast, and I love the beer talk to!


Never miss an episode! Great content

Dude, yes

Such a cool idea for a podcast! My friends and I got together to listen to episode one and we had a blast discussing our top 5 beartooth shows along with Luke, Fleur, and special guest Caleb. I cannot wait to see what the future of this podcast holds! -Hannah Kae

This Podcast is the Funky Bits..

Not even halfway into episode one and I was already excited for the next. I was intrigued throughout the entire episode. Give it a listen, you won’t be disappointed. (unless you just have bad taste) Just kidding but seriously, try it out! <3 - megan.nuhcole

Top 5 yes!!

Fleur and Luke are hilarious. The first episode was great. I learned a lot about all three of them. Definitely a fan already! -Jtravy

my #1 out of 5 !

this podcast is definitely the best podcast i’ve heard in a while. i love how refreshing, light and fun this is to listen to. it’s also nice knowing that the hosts aren’t afraid to speak their true opinions. i’m already looking forward to more episodes in the future!

Your favorite bands’ inside info

Rad discussions with bands you love and hearing about their experiences on the road!


Great first podcast can’t wait to get more episodes super cool to hear multiple people perspectives on the topic

New Favorite Podcast!

I LOVE Beartooth, so the first episode was amazing right off the bat! But this podcast is very entertaining, Fleur and Luke make me wish I knew them!

Luke’s voice


New favorite podcast

Listened to the first episode while working a Saturday afternoon, and made my shift easier to get through! Can’t wait for future episodes!

Excellence personified

Love this pod cast! Discovering new music is always fun.

Hubz and I are fans already!

What a great show, great topic, great conversation! We will definitely be listening to the podcast on a regular basis. And obvs, Toof fans will really enjoy it!

Review by Megan Easter

This podcast is an absolute riot. I’m on my second listen through and recommending it to anyone who will listen. Currently posting this review from my friend’s app since I don’t use IOS! Do yourself a favor and crack a beer and listen to this podcast!

My all time favorite concert was Silverstein, Beartooth, and ADTR in Sioux City, IA

I was smiling and laughing along with you guys! I don’t usually listen to podcasts but anything that involves Beartooth is worth checking out! I subscribed and look forward to hearing more!

Beartooth Mytop5

Not only do I love Beartooth, it’s very interesting and inspirational to hear stories and they’re all funny can’t wait for more podcast!


The concept of this podcast is fantastic! You can tell that Caleb is passionate about the topic he chose and the family dynamic is awesome!!


Very entertaining. Leaves me wanting more.

Highly Recommend!

I listened for laughs, and was not let down. I love the “Top 5” theme! It’s so original, and will definitely keep listeners coming back for more episodes.

10/10 Recommend this podcast! 😃

I love this podcast! Fleur & Luke seem so down to earth. It’s funny & a great concept for a podcast. I will definitely be listening every 2 weeks :)

Um.... YES

I’ve always wanted a podcast like this (for real music/musicians) and now I finally have it. Plus Fleur is a hotty and Luke is awesome too so it’s great 🖤 nothing to complain about at all so thanks and keep up the perfect work 🤘🏻


This is the first podcast that genuinely had me laughing! I love it and I love beartooth and Caleb shomo comes on and it’s fire. I love it bro

Yes Please

Easily in my top 5 podcasts

Destined for Greatness!

Although this is the debut episode of the show, as well Fleur and Luke’s first time ever hosting a podcast? You don’t get that sense after listening as their chemistry flows at a very natural level, coming off as skilled veterans, which showcases their passion and desire to be great within a field where you can really tell that they’re having fun. They keep everyone engaged showing no signs of boredom or trail offs. I’m personally excited for what’s to come!

Give it a listen you jabronies.

My favorite quote so far: “Hot chicks and hot chickens.” If you’re not convinced now you never will be.

Great podcast

Super entertaining!