September 17, 2021

61 - Julie Benz: Top 5 Workout Songs

Dance tunes, pure pop, huge anthems, and some absolute classics. This episode we’re with the great Julie Benz breaking a sweat with our Top 5 Workout Songs.

September 03, 2021

60 - Si Delaney: Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies

A strange friendship, breaking into dreams, hieroglyphics and taking the red pill. This time we’re discovering our Top 5 Sci-Fi Movies with Si Delaney & guest co-host Caleb Shomo!

August 20, 2021

59 - Garrett Russell: Top 5 NBA Teams

Childhood superstitions, legendary dunks, the dominance of Michael Jordan and Fleur changing all the rules completely. This episode we’re with Garrett Russell deep diving into our Top 5 NBA Teams.

August 06, 2021

58 - Diane Neal: Top 5 TV Shows We’d Like to Be In

Pirates, billionaires, mafiosos, murderers and some of the longest tangents we’ve ever gone on, it’s our Top 5 TV Shows We’d Like to Be In with Diane Neal!

July 23, 2021

57 - Chris Dudley: Top 5 Moviegoing Experiences

Film festivals, audiences gasping, vomiting & laughing, sold out theaters and just pure nostalgia; this episode we’re diving into our Top 5 Moviegoing Experiences with Chris Dudley!

July 09, 2021

56 - Drew Dijorio: Top 5 It’s Always Sunny Episodes

Patriotism, meltdowns, non-stop drinking and what exactly is the DENNIS system? This week we’re laughing our way through our Top 5 It’s Always Sunny in Philidelphia Episodes with Drew Dijorio and guest-host Caleb Shomo!

June 25, 2021

55 - Liam Charles: Top 5 Marvel Movies

Snapping fingers, a humorless Thor, the magic of Wakanda and a lot (a lot!) of bending the rules by us; this time it’s our Top 5 Marvel Movies with Liam Charles! Liam Charles was a semi-finalist on season 8 of The Great Briti...

June 11, 2021

54 - Andy Glass: Top 5 Items to Take on Tour

Condiments, creative outlets and the power of comfort. This time we’re spilling our secrets on our Top 5 Items to Bring on Tour with Andy Glass and guest co-host Caleb Shomo!

May 28, 2021

53 - Sean Smith: Top 5 Front People from 90s-2000s

Mistakenly blocking Hayley Williams on Twitter, singing about flip flops, writing letters to Limp Bizkit and what exactly is it like becoming best mates with Pharrell? This week it’s a tough one as we try and narrow down our Top 5 Front People from 90s-2000s with Sean Smith!

May 14, 2021

52 - Top 5 Friends Episodes with Allie Shomo

Climbing down fire escapes, beef in trifles, siblings kissing & saving sandwiches from bullets. For our two-year anniversary it’s our Top 5 Friends Episodes and we’re joined by ‘producer’ Allie Shomo!

April 30, 2021

51 - Gracie Gillam & Nat Zang: Top 5 Skill Sets We Fantasize About Having

Bouncing off of walls, speaking multiple languages, hacking and using phonetics to learn lines. You asked and we made it happen... it’s our Top 5 Skill Sets We Fantasize About Having (but will likely never achieve) with Gracie Gillam & Nat Zang!

April 16, 2021

50 - Top 5 Fave Things About Your Country

Centuries of culture, the invention of bourbon, mind-blowing scenery and grandma’s fried chicken. This time we’re chatting our Top 5 Fave Things About Our Country!

April 02, 2021

49 - Stu Holden: Top Five Soccer Moments

The power of fans, goals scored in final moments, memories that have lasted decades & what exactly do goalies say to players when they’re about to take a penalty? It’s our Top 5 Soccer Moments with Stu Holden! Currently an an...

March 19, 2021

48 - Top Five Superheroes

Saving the planet, mysterious alter egos, heroes in a half shell and yellow spandex. This time, give a listen to our Top 5 Superheroes & try not to be offended by our lack of knowledge on the subject! No guest this week becau...

March 05, 2021

47 - Finn McKenty: Top Five MTV Shows

Forgotten gems, documentaries, a confused Ozzy Osbourne, teen moms & Justin Timberlake crying? It’s our Top 5 MTV Shows with Finn McKenty. Finn McKenty is a music commentator, marketing exec, writer & graphic designer. He has...

February 19, 2021

46 - Top Five Room 101 Items

Technology ruining sports, bad tv shows, horrifying foods & some of our biggest, biggest pet-peeves. Strap in for non-stop complaining as we discuss our Top 5 Room 101 Items! No guest this week because of COVID-19. We recorde...

February 05, 2021

45 - Josh Franceschi: Top Five Strangest Places Visited

Winning over a Ukrainian crowd, crooked trees, haunted venues and surviving a truly terrifying plane ride. This episode it’s our Top 5 Strangest Places Visited with Josh Franceschi! Josh is frontman for the band You Me At Six...

January 22, 2021

44 - Top Five TV Sitcoms

Angry old men, perfectly timed sarcasm, sausage links and lots of arguing over what actually qualifies for our Top 5 TV Sitcoms! No guest this week because of COVID-19. We recorded this episode over Zoom so no pandemic rules ...