Oct. 29, 2021

64 - Mark Pellegrino: Top 5 Horror Movies

64 - Mark Pellegrino: Top 5 Horror Movies

Surviving isolation, foreign language films, speedy zombies and debating which is worse - pure gore or physiological terror. This episode we’re embracing spooky season for our Top 5 Horror Movies with Mark Pellegrino (& guest co-host Caleb Shomo.) 

Mark Pellegrino is an American actor who has starred in movies such as The Big Lebowski & Mulholland Drive. He has also acted in many, many TV series’ including Supernatural, Lost, 13 Reasons Why & Dexter. 

You can find out more about Mark’s work for The Guardian Project here: www.instagram.com/theguardianprojectofficial 

Follow Mark on Instagram here: www.instagram.com/markrosspelle 

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